The Parent Gamer- Snuggle Truck

The object of the game is to drive a truck through tracks as fast as you can while trying to keep all your “snuggles”, which are cute little plush animals, from falling out of your truck bed. We don’t know what it is, but there is just something hilarious about watching a plush toy bounce out of a truck and exclaim “oh no” as you speed off in the distance. It’s a simple game, and it just makes us giggle every time I play it, so I thought it would be a great game to introduce to a two year.

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JD_Shadow2440d ago

Pretty freakin cool. The perfect antidote to anyone who says that games drive families apart or anything like that.

There's a video in this of the two year old playing this (you can hear him laugh and get excited when he gets through a stage) in the article. Been thinking about buying this game for a while. This might just push me to buy it. Looks like a fun game (the kid looks to know what he's doing, too).

crossplatformgamers2440d ago

Thanks, yeah totally awesome game, Can't tell you how awesome it is. Looking forward to meeting the devs at PAX