Is AMY Receiving a Much Needed Patch Update?

The infamous AMY released back in January, mainly to some pretty poor reception. It had numerous issues and VectorCell took a lot of it to heart. However, they just posted on their Facebook wall that they have gone back to iron out a chunk of the kinks the game had.

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Breadcrab3303d ago

It'll take more than a patch to fix that mess.

Soldierone3303d ago

I'm playing I Am Alive, should have just skipped Amy and spent my money on this instead....

Regent_of_the_Mask3303d ago

They both equally suck so either way it's wasted money that could go towards something better.

Young_ART3303d ago

I feel that this game is underrated, and after this patch will be a contender for game of the year.

My opinion. It's a free internet so I am allowed to have one.
Respect Me, Bro.

TekoIie3303d ago

yep AMY turned out horrible. Did it even get good reviews? i was reading everything before release to find the game just plain horrible to play...

Raider693303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Well i havent yet played the game,but its always good when developers are able to listening to complain for players an get into trying to fix things up or at least trying the best they can to make a game more polished and playble.

Soldierone3302d ago

Only sad thing is this is a small studio so they would have listened no matter just sucks that the game is absolutely terrible to begin with.

I think it has such a bad wrap that the only thing to save it would be a discounted price after the patch.

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