The 10 Possible Paths to Game Piracy

Piracy is a hot button issue in the industry, with various agencies suggesting the upward trend in game piracy is responsible for billions of dollars in lost revenue. Small developers have been swindled out of their hard earned pay, and it has been used as a means to justify eggregiously overzealous bills like the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act.

Yet, pirates aren't all amoral scoundrels like so many would have you believe. A lot of people find their way to the high seas through relatively honest means because publishers have failed them in some capacity. Does it justify breaking the law? I'll let you decide.

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StayStatic2440d ago

Gone down all these paths at some point but normally will just avoid the game these days if their not up to scratch.

Plus I need to reserve HDD space for games I actually want to play , dam Steam lol.

2440d ago
Raider692440d ago

Well if next generation of consoles comes with this nonsense of not be able to play used games than im ditching new consoles until a hack comes out,and my PC will get the job done along my Steam account.

ziggurcat2440d ago

which they won't. don't listen to those BS rumours. the same crap had been thrown around before the PS3 launched, too.

bobrea2440d ago

I pirate some games. I also buy a TON. Deal with it.

ziggurcat2440d ago

"Yet, pirates aren't all amoral scoundrels like so many would have you believe."

uh... yes, they are.

3GenGames2440d ago

No they're not. I'm a game developer and will buy, pirate, or not care about games depending on price and quality, and wouldn't mind if people did so with my games either. Deal with it. That's how it goes.

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