Diamonds in the rough: 3 more hidden gems on the Virtual Console

Levi writes, "After the fairly good response I got to my last Diamonds in the Rough article, I figured hey, why not do another? After all, the Virtual Console is full of "hidden gems" just begging to be discovered. Oh, we've all bought at least one Mario game on the Virtual Console (I myself have five), and I'm sure most Wii owners have gotten at least one of the four Zelda games currently available on the VC, but what about all those other games that get overlooked in favor of games like Mario and Sonic? There's still plenty of stuff on the Virtual Console that a lot of Wii owners haven't even given a thought. So, how about three more hidden gems that are just waiting for you to discover them?"

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HeavyweightInTheGame4034d ago

but it has definetely got some of the greatest older games on it. I loved Baseball Stars on the NES better though.