Avalanche: Just Cause "perfect" for next Xbox, PS4


Swedish developer Avalanche Studios has told Eurogamer Just Cause is "perfect" for the next Xbox and PlayStation 4.

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VanillaBear2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

If they could make the map as big as it was in Just Cause 2, imagine what they do next gen

The map size is something I probably would of expected from Rockstar....even though it was lifeless in some places it's easily something they can improve on with future titles. If they could add some of the features like customization and property buying that GTA has the game could turn our great

I mean they even included the LOST island where you plane would explode when it got close to it......that was amazing :)

Maybe they could something FRINGE related since LOST isn't on anymore.

limewax2481d ago

They just need to add life to the already large enough map. With some hugely upgraded AI and better physics, More to do outside of blowing up government stuff for 100s of hours. Well they could be on their way to crafting the GTA killer. The map definitely wasn't rockstar size, it was way beyond that.

Oh and submarines, that could add a lot, maybe even an underwater facility or two

morganfell2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I also would like to hear Rico talk more often. Personally I found his comments wildly funny...just far too sparse. Avalanche is stunning this gen. I agree with the AI overhaul and would also like to see the spawning implementation reworked.

limewax2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I agree, Rico often had me cracking up in laughter. There really is nothing like being in a jeep, getting hurtled through the jungle at 100Mph, Smashing off and through trees, performing more flips than a gymnast, then finally landing on a pedestrians head, mutilating them...and Rico follows up with "Crazy damn pedestrians!"

ChocolateGiddyUp2481d ago

"Try to transport fuel NOW, you pipeline jerks!"

dark-hollow2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Just cause 2 is one of the most underrated games this Gen.

The map is sooo HUGE! And the graphics are nice and the colors pops out.

Do you remember "LOST" island?
Or that airship that resembles final fantasy airships?
Or the bubble gun XD

JellyJelly2481d ago

Personally I had more fun with Just Cause 2 than I did with GTA IV. Even though it wasn't as crowded as GTA IV there was much more stuff to do.

MGRogue20172481d ago

Just Cause is "perfect" for the PS Vita as well imo.. :)

Fishy Fingers2481d ago

Really under rated studio and games. Just Cause 2 max out on PC gives just about everything a run for its money, throw in some mods (start with fast flying) and you got some of the most fun you could have in a sandbox.

bumnut2481d ago

It looks sweet in 3D too, can't wait for JC3

Adexus2481d ago

Really hope Just Cause 3 comes out this gen though, there can always be a JC4 :)

creeping judas2481d ago

Loved JC2 it was such a fun game, spent hours trying to destroy over 75% of the government facilities.

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