Gaming Consoles Will Soon Be for Nerds Only

Back in the ’80s, videogames were for children (and for adults who put sunshine and fresh air in the same category as radioactive fallout and mustard gas).

In the ’90s, the PlayStation made console gaming acceptable. The PlayStation 2 and Xbox made it cool. And with the latest generation, consoles have become a staple of living rooms and rest homes across any number of nations.

Now, with tablets and smartphones invading homes, bags and pockets, all that’s about to end.

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AmaZinG2389d ago

Stupid article and nonsense... go die elsewhere.

Today more than allways Consoles are for a mainstream audience, Wii, Kinect proved that, also Move... Proved not only Nerds or Geeks or Hardcore gamers play Consoles and that many people Like Games and not just core gamers.

And next gen this trend will go ever further with the inclusion of Touch Screens like Wii U and better Motion Games.

Blackdeath_6632388d ago

not even motion sensing, just a console that you buy of the shelf can appeal to the casual market, many of my teatchers who taught me at high school and now in college told us that they play video game.

Captain Qwark 92388d ago

add in all the multimedia capabilities they currently have and will likely add even more next gen, if anything they will be more accepted as ever. hell my consoles have made my cable box useless...

well said, stupid article

guitarded772387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

@AmaZinG and Captain Qwark 9
I agree x1,000 this is a stupid article. And Qwark you hit the nail on the head about the multimedia capabilities making consoles a mainstay in the living rooms of even non-gamers. I know several non-gamer adults that have a console in their living room just for them after seeing all the features the consoles have. Some of them bought a console for the kids room and saw dvd, blu-ray, netflix, vudu, skype, internet browser, CD player, MP3 player, hulu, etc. and figured out it's one hell of a device. A Swiss army knife of an entertainment device if you will. The article also says that tablets are the future... While tablets will be more important in the future, I don't see them outperforming a console or a dedicated handheld like the Vita for a long, long time.

There have always been peeks and valleys with the popularity of gaming, but a recent survey I saw said that gaming is at an all time high right now, with more people joining the the fold this generation than ever. Gaming will only grow more socially acceptable because people like myself who are now in our 30's even 40's who grew up with video games. There isn't this huge generational gap like there was when I was a kid and I games, but my parents thought it was a kid's thing. As the technology ages, so do the stigmas and mindsets attached to the technology.

Mini Mario2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

"add in all the multimedia capabilities they currently have and will likely add even more next gen"

Funny thing, my Nes never used to play video cassettes (although it looked liked it could have) you know why??

Because I wanted to play games ! Not VHS tapes !

Hayabusa 1172387d ago

@ Mini Mario

I know, I play games with my Xbox as well, but I also know a couple of people who own Xboxs, but don't play any games on it, they just use it to watch TV and (gasp!) listen to music! Who would have thought it, £200 for a device that plays music through your TV.

Nimblest-Assassin2387d ago


Smell that?

Smells like some good ol fashion bullsh*t to me

clearelite2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Yes, a lot of these articles. Someone must be spending a lot of money to push this bull$#@%. Especially since it is pretty darn illogical. If phones and "tablets"(lol my laptop has 16gb ram) can't even stop the 3DS or Vita, how are they going to stop Consoles. <smh>

I mentioned Vita because the 3G model was sold out along with half of the games, at walmart.

I mentioned the 3DS because it outsold the highest selling system of all times first year sales in 8 months while "competing" with other devices.

I hope people don't believe this kind of nonsense.

limewax2387d ago

I don't get what makes a geek or a nerd anyway. I have played games most my life, for many years and still will to come. I try to spare as a lot of my free time to gaming. I stay up late gaming some nights. Doesn't stop me having an actual life either. The generalisations just seem to make no sense to me

NewZealander2387d ago

to me there are major differences between a geek and a nerd.

a geek is - somebody who is tech savvy and loves gadgets, toys, scifi and media, a geek is superior to a nerd, and can usually pull a hot gf/bf, and despite there love of all things halo and star wars they can still hold down a decent conversation.

a nerd is - somebody who is a socially awkward person, usually cant pull in a gf/bf and has no sense of style, even when it comes to games, they prefer D&D and warcraft, or dress up for there weekly D&D role play.

Hayabusa 1172387d ago

The biggest difference to me is that a nerd has narrow interests, while a geek has broad interests. A geek I'd generally say is tech-savy and intelligent. A nerd, is more narrow minded, interested too much in a specific thing and goes very deeply into it. They become too specialized. They're not necessarily intelligent, they just obsess about a specific thing which is often mistaken for intelligence. Hence why they're said to have "no life". It all starts to fall apart when it comes to socializing: nerds can only talk about the thing that interests them, which bores other people who like a conversion to flow from one topic to another. There's actually a genetic condition called Asperger syndrome that causes a simular thing.

Generally speaking a nerd is derogatory, while a geek is the good version of a nerd. Some people see it the other way round though (geek is bad, nerd is good), I don't think it's been officially established which is which. If you like to get out alot then don't worry, you're a geek ;)

n4f2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

i like it when it was like that , not accessible to anybody.
i miss it

Anon19742387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Those saying this article is BS need to start looking at industry trends. A recent report in the US showed a huge 66% of teens were saying they had lost interest in traditional console games and the same amount, 66% said they have no issue gaming on their phones. 25% of respondents say they're gaming on Facebook.

Console gaming isn't going anywhere any time soon, but I wouldn't write off this article so quickly. Given sales trends - it's not too far fetched to claim that console gaming could see a pull back in the next few years. Some on these forums might right off these reports but you can bet the industry is taking them seriously.

AtomicGerbil2387d ago

What they don't tell you is where these reports were conducted. A biased report is easy to gather.

SkyGamer2387d ago

Not to mention that the casual market opens up to core market. Great way to get non-gamers into real games!

hiredhelp2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

80's for kidz you shitting me i couldnt get my mother of pong she love centerpeed
Omg's when pac man hit..
If i could roll back time i start all over again and skip this gen, mainly cos the greed.

Btw ive been nerd since 1980's too ilove being a nerd.

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PopRocks3592389d ago

Oh joy. Another one of these "doom and gloom" articles.

Say what you will. The industry can do whatever it has to to prosper. I am NEVER using an Apple device or an android as a dedicated gaming device. I'm more than content with the core devices that the other guys provide.

I know there is some content on these devices that are quality, but it simply will not satisfy a core gamer in the long term. Also with things like the Nintendo eShop, PSN store or Steam, you don't get bullshit like this.

Or this.

sikbeta2387d ago

what do you expect, consoles are not hot as Apple brah...


PopRocks3592387d ago

Popularity never equals quality. The top Apple apps and the top musical singles of the month are proof of that.

antz11042387d ago

Ummm, I'll take a console over a tablet any day.

Dont get me wrong, I love playing zombie highway but it gets boring quickly and doesnt match up to sitting in front of the tv and playing Dark Souls.

Mikhail2389d ago

Tablets and smartphones will also be for tech geeks and nerds flaunting their specs. See, I can do it too.

Ardorme2389d ago

It's a joke article, guys.