"PS3 [issues] no different from the 360" Says Turok dev + Demo & Co-op info

Scroll down to see what this Turok dev Turok_Tim has to say about PS3 and 360 versions, demo, co-op and more. Know that the PS3 game rocks as hard as the 360 version:

"PS3 - Issues with PS3 development are largely overblown by internet "experts" and folks with an axe to grind. Face it, any new platform is going to present challenges and the PS3 is no different from the 360 in that regard. We've had over a year's head start getting experience on the 360, but Propaganda has extremely talented coders who took on the challenge of making Turok multiplatform and giving PS3 owners the best game possible. Sony was also a great supporter, providing on-site assistance here so that you guys on PS3 got the same AAA fps experience that the 360 owners are going to get when Turok's released. So to make a long story short, the PS3 game rocks as hard as the 360 version. No worries there."

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MK_Red4030d ago

True. It's pretty good for a new developer.
Plus, the game got a 9/10 in it's first review. Check out GameRankings.

Keowrath4030d ago

Bubbles Jenzo. It's nice to see a Gamer congratulate the devs for a job well done to both consoles instead of running petty side by side screenshots to say that exhibit b has an unnoticable texture difference to exhibit a.

Looks like fans of both consoles will get to benefit from Turok.

I'm just disappointed that the more bizarre weapons from previous outings no longer seem to be in the game. It's one of the things that made it stand out in the past.

InMyOpinion4030d ago

Bubbles to you too, Keowrath.

I never got to play any of the other Turok games but this one looks like a lot of fun. Nice graphics as well, both grass and blood looks detailed.

sonarus4030d ago

game looks great and all but i plan to be a lot more picky than i have been in the past. Does it have online coop so i can at least play online with friends

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MK_Red4030d ago

I love it when devs come to forums and talk to fans. Bethesda staff do it sometimes as well as Criterion's but not many others. Propaganda FTW!

Kleptic4030d ago

Epic does it more than any other developer I have noticed...and a lot of the time its Mark Rein himself, not just some employee...

MK_Red4029d ago

Good point. Mark Rein is indeed pretty active in forums. Another reason why Epic is a kickass company and better than many others.

Devr4030d ago

Nice. :) Turok is looking like a fun game, even though the art is kind of lame. Hope it turns out well.

MK_Red4030d ago

Agreed on its art. Characters look rather generic and the jungle doesn't seem lush enough and Gears-ish effect of UE3 is to obvious in some spots.
Still, the dinasours look incredible and game is overally nice looking.

gnothe14030d ago

I know im gonna get labeled an xbot for this but... if the PS3 is so powerful as many of you guys say, why is there even a question as to will the PS3 version be as good as the 360's version. shouldn't it be the other way around.(developer)because of the power of the PS3 were trying everything we can to make sure we get the 360's version as close to or the same as the PS3 version because with the CELL(LOL) we can do so much.

TrooGamer4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Not when you have had a years head start on one machine.

Think before you TRY and appear clever.

Your not just tryng to start another fanboy war.

You are an xbot or you would not of posted that.

PirateThom4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

The PS3 is just a lot harder to make games on. It's why so many early games looked like ass compared to the 360 offerings and 360 fanboys used this as ammo. While developers could easily reach high standards with the 360 because of its very standard coding, the PS3 requires a different approach entirely.

It's why porting from 360 to PS3 gives terrible results, they're two completely architectures. Look at the 360 version of Lost Planet and the screens of the PS3 version, then look at Call of Duty 4 built from the ground up on both.

It's only been recently and since Sony sent out the new PS3 dev tools that third party developers have been able to reach the same standards as the 360... and should no doubt surpass it.

MK_Red4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Do you remember original Xbox' first year games? Back in first 2 years of Xbox 1's life, the phrase "Xbox version looks as good as PS2 version" was said a lot. Did that mean Xbox wasn't stronger? No.
Because PS2 was released sooner than Xbox, devs were more adept at developing games for it and thus, first generation of multi platform Xbox games were all inferior to PS2 versions so it was a great achievement for devs in 2nd year to be able to make them equal and later, making Xbox versions superior.
The situation is reverse this gen with Xbox 360 being the console that was released earlier and multiplatform titles on PS3 being mostly inferior to 360 ones in the first year. By saying "PS3 version is the same as 360 verson" in the second year, it means that devs are becoming as much adept at developing for PS3 as they are with 360.

BlazeXXL4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Why do you think it'll look better? This game is a multiplatform game, they have to split the budget, and thus cant focus on 1 single platform. Thats why I'm a big supporter of exclusive games.

I can easily see the quality difference in lets say, Uncharted and any EA game on the market. It's because games like Uncharted are being made on 1 platform, and they dont get rushed out the door.

InMyOpinion4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

I think most developers aim to make both versions look alike when it comes to multiplatform games. They have nothing to gain in optimizing one version more than the other.

kenjix4030d ago

When the 360 first came out it was compared to the PS2 and xbox, there has been no comparison of a PS3 title to a last gen title. That says a lot about the 2 systems. Another 360 Fanboy argument getting shot down.

SJL4804030d ago

You do have a legitimate question and your not an xbot. I have a counter question I would like to ask. People compare third party games even though there's a learning curve. My question is... Why are the first party games on 360 having to be patched when the first party games on the ps3 do not. I think we can all pretty much agree first party titles are where you show off the power of the system. Third party titles don't care to be dumbed down for one or the other because they're cash cows. I'm not attacking the 360 (I love mine) just making an observation. I do believe this is starting to become a loaded question. Why not ask which one if any is better instead of making them respond to is the ps3's version gonna be crap again? Third party titles have been getting better and better. At what point do we say the ps3 has proved itself?

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killer_trap4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

i didn't know there was already a review for this game. i also had the impression that this game sucked. but no matter how good the game is there is just better games out there.

FPS is a crowded genre and i don't think there is room for Turok in it.

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