WorthPlaying gives 9.4/10 to Rock Band

WorthPlaying has reviewed Rock Band on Xbox 360. Score: 9.4/10.

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Rexysgod4568d ago

Since i have taking my Xbox 360 to the Pawn shop i'll get it for my new Ps3 since i just found out it is the superior system. there is no doubt about Ps3 being the Mercedes in the gaming world. Microsoft can keep my xbox live accounts and my point that was binding me to xbox 360. I saw the light when i took a friends Ps3 for a test drive. Its power and features are way better compared to my xbox 360. i can't believe Gamestop convinced me to buy an xbox360 because of their look warm attitude towards the Ps3. Comparing my Xbox to the PS3 is like comparing Ford Contour to a mercedes Benz. installing leather and allow wheels on a Ford contour will never make it a Mercedes Benz. END OF STORY.

IHATEGOD4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

I'm from Detroit and I laugh at your dumba$$. It shows how smart you are, you bought a ford. Ford sucks they make the worst cars and their trucks are weak. As for Benz, their not BMW, enough said. So you want the so called more powerful system ( with less superior online ), well thats great for you. Did you buy the more superior Xbox or the weak PS2? You see last gen. Xbox was the better system in ever catergory except games. Now look at this gen. PS3 is more powerful in ever catergory, except games. See the pattern, way to support last place.