The Most Popular Game Release in History

Call of Duty has become a gaming phenomenon, and one of the most popular gaming franchises ever! This detailed infographic takes a close look at what made their latest title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – so incredibly successful.

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AtomicGerbil2441d ago

That's all very well, but how do they thank the millions of customers for their continued success?

That's right, they don't.

GraveLord2441d ago

How? By continuing to release new installments every year to keep the franchise fresh. Don't like it? Don't buy it. No one if forcing you.

With the increased security in MW3, the game will be free of hackers(at least on consoles) for years.

Get bored of MW3? There's DLC you can buy, which is obviously optional.

AtomicGerbil2441d ago

Yeah, they release a new title every year, but don't you get the feeling that it's all just to make themselves another $1 billion?

Surely if they respected their customers they would fix issues that have been present in every CoD since #4 or maybe introduce dedicated servers. Even giving away old maps for free wouldn't make a dent in that $1 billion. It's funny, some studios who struggle to break even offer these things and more.

No, I don't buy CoD anymore, doesn't mean I can't comment.

Blastoise2441d ago

Modern warfare 3 was a massive disappointment, I hope Black ops 2 is better. I miss actually having fun in CoD

theEx1Le2441d ago

FFA gunplay and Infected are ok, but i agree. Just lost its fun factor especially because of the map design in MW3. You can really tell the difference in who designed the maps from even MW2(which has worse maps than Cod4, but still the same massive spaces with tight corriders and verticality mixed in) to MW3. They are all just bland and lack charm, promote camping and spraying.

Blastoise2441d ago

I very much agree with this. Infected is the only reason I ever even put MW3 into my PS3 anymore. And I despise the maps, they are the worst maps in the series so far in my opinion. Heres hoping Black ops 2 brings back the balance and the interesting varied maps, with the improved hit detection of MW3.


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