Battlefield 3: USAS 12 Frag Rounds: Tale of the Tape

Battlefield Blog - Following up on his last “Inside DICE” post, Alan Kertz returns with the inside story on the much discussed Battlefield 3 USAS 12 shotgun and FRAG rounds: Where the inspiration came from, how it was balanced shortly after launch, and how we’re rebalancing it based on community feedback.

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Soldierone2386d ago

I find it funny the scrubs that use these guns get kicked from custom servers since no one wants to play with them, then they turn around and complain on the battlelog forums.... "Why der i get kicked for use good weapon?"

Noobs gonna be noobs.

memots2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

i think it was a good gun. But not anymore. The latest nerf made it very useless.

What i find funny is people bitching about it so much. The gun is in the game why stop people from using it if they want? I was kicked from a metro game for using a frag grenade and on the same server it disallowed using any shotgun. No shotgun in metro?

IHateYouFanboys2386d ago

his comments of only 4% of xbox kills are with the USAS do not seem true to me.

ive got over 100 hours in multiplayer on the 360 version, and these days its pretty much ALL Famas/USAS with Frag/SV98 and helicopter/plane spawn killing with helicopters. in general, it sucks.

the USAS with frag rounds is basically like having a quick fire rocket launcher. add in the fact that you can see where every bullet goes, it means you can kill people from far away.....with a shotgun. its ridiculous.

KingOptimus1012386d ago

I hated this gun in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and I was hoping they wouldn't put it in Battlefield 3. All the noobs and COD fanboys who migrated to Battlefield 3 run to this gun to get cheap kills and rank up fast rather than enjoying the experience. It makes no sense to have this gun in Battlefield 3. I hope the next Battlefield they don't have USAS 12 at all.