PS3 Patch to Cook PS3 Mods for UT3 Released in Beta!

Today Epic Games sent out an email to an unknown amount of people on the Developer Mailing list, who now have access to the PS3 Mod Tools patch for there Unreal Editor. They have been ask not to "distribute it or make it generally available to the public." So PSN at Home will be giving you the best information without giving you the tools! Expect to see many downloads for PS3 version available at!

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crazy250004566d ago

it will be awesome once they release more maps and mods

MrTeenie4566d ago

I'm working on figuring the tool out now to release some.

Blademask4566d ago

It comes with the BONUS cd which has about 20 hours of UnlrealEd tutorials.

THey take you from crawling in the interface to scripting your own scenes/doors/traps/levels in no time.

It is very informative. Kizmet is amazing, I script the good old fashioned way, but I find the tools exceedingly simple.

MrTeenie4566d ago

I do have the PC collectors edition, but dunno of it giving any tutorials on how to cook this. I don't know if it's my map or I'm doing something wrong cooking haha. It shows on ps3 but when I try to play the map it fails. I'm gonna go look for someone to let me use there map and cook for ps3 version to see if it's just my map.

Kleptic4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

^^^^^ do you have access to this beta PS3 editor?

as of now...the shipped version of UnrealEd for UE3 does not allow PS3 mods...entirely because of licensing the tool with SCE (most likely delayed w/ the European version of the game...being that its easy to find UGC like this on the net, it had to pass licensing in all territories before release)...

with that have no way to "cook" a mod for the PS3 yet...that functionality will be made available in patch downloadable after everything is cleared by SCE...but if you have connections or whatever and got this beta patch, awesome...get some mods out...

or am I missing something very obvious?...this article said the patch only went out to peeps on their develpment mailing list...not the general public right?...w/e...just can't wait to see some full conversions...this game definitely had a slow release it seems (especially on the PC)...but once people realise the growth this game has, it will be a must buy for any multiplayer fan...

MrTeenie4565d ago

Yes, I do have the beta patch. it seems to be quite confusing for the basic user though. Also what you said about licensing is totally correct.

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Damphear4566d ago

this is just amazing.

i cant wait for the xbots to start to cry. i mean if and when this game comes to there crap box they'll have to pay yes PAY for free mods.

shadowfish4566d ago


What I meant to say was, what a great addition to the also amazing game.

Greek994566d ago

So this means PS3 users can now create mods without the UT3 pc disc?
Im confused, feel free to correct me if im wrong.

MrTeenie4566d ago

No, this still requires the PC version to create the mods, but now you can "cook" your mods you created for pc version to work with ps3 version.

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The story is too old to be commented.