Can we panic now? — Core gaming has a problem

The risks of core gaming are rising, while the successes of mobile, social and online games are on the rise.

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gamernova2442d ago

People are buying pads and smartphones because they already have computers and consoles. When new consoles comes out, the numbers will favor consoles. These devices are coming out every year and consoles are like every 6-8 years.

CommonSenseGamer2442d ago

Mobile and tablet devices also appeal to a much wider audience than consoles or gaming pcs.

SilentNegotiator2442d ago

But aren't a threat. This generation outsold the last in hardware already.

Chitown712912442d ago

If anything tablets are a SLIGHT threat to the Labtop market. I think Tablet aren't taking over any market to be honest. They have they're own place....

caseh2442d ago

Tired of seeing these articles.

It's simply because everyone has a phone or tablet these days which means a bigger audience to sell to. There's f*ck all thats 'core' about it, their product (games, apps whatever) is simply visible to a larger demographic.

People buy consoles to PLAY GAMES, its the hardwares primary purpose. Yeah I can watch movies on it etc but its not going to stop me from using my phone to watch random videos on Youtube blah blah blaaaaaah!

arbitor3652442d ago

- IOS gaming
- tablet gaming
- kinect gaming
- shovelware
- facebook/social gaming

all of these things produce virtually zero hardcore content. and yet, combined, they probably add up to over half the gaming industry today. none of us should be happy about this.

yabhero2442d ago

I agree mostly, hiw ever there are a few iOS gens like Modern Combat 3 and the Infinity Blade series. Also N.O.V.A an Shadowgum. All ther on the iPad of course. Other than that I agree.

humbleopinion2442d ago

This doesn't matter as long as the core industry is still getting bigger. The share of the core in the pie is smaller just because the pie itself got much bigger over time. Core consoles games still represent over 50% of the market spending.

Not to mention that Venturebeat couldn't come up with worse examples: They are actually attributing the failures of casual crap like UDraw Studio and merchandized movie tie-in like Thor: God of Thunder to core gaming!? Somebody needs a reality check...

BitbyDeath2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Has about the same amount of threat as taking away people from watching shows on TV.

Some people will watch TV on mobile devices but most will still go to the devices that it is made for to get a proper fix.

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