GNT Review: A Witch’s Tale

GNT: A Witch’s Tale didn’t receive much love in the consumer’s eye. I hardly saw any advertisements or articles about it, and before I personally played it, didn’t even see many reviews go up for it. When I dug through those reviews, I saw a very dry, and overall unpleasant response to this game. I decided to disregard those opinions, and give it a shot myself. I am very glad I did. A Witch’s Tale brings the quirkyness of an NIS America title into a full fledged RPG (no tactics game, hurray!). A whimsical story and slightly cheesy cast are brought together in a beautifully illustrated ‘alternate reality’ of some of our favorite children’s stories. When it is all said and done, A Witch’s Tale is by no means the perfect RPG. However, if you are able to look past the flaws, you will find a decent RPG boasting plenty of game play hours and a touching story.

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