Could Microsoft Have Planned all the Way to Halo 9?

Yes, it is a long shot, but the Halo frachise might have enough air to stay up until Halo 9. Another indicator for the game - next to wishful thinking - might be the registration of

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SignifiedSix2442d ago

I think its possible if they go off by the books!

Of topic. I had a dream of playing halo 4 last night. I swear my mind had it all wrong.
It was halo 4 with team fortress 2 sounds xD

Can't wait for you, chief!!!

dark-hollow2442d ago

Meet the chief!
*70s music plays*

TheXgamerLive2442d ago

On the next X 720 system, I would love to see a true Halo Universe. Drum roll please.....

Halo Universe MMO, haha. Yes, this would be bigger than WoW anyday.

Easily a great idea as would the Fallout MMO be.

Next gen Xbox console must do this Halo Universe MMO.

TekoIie2442d ago

personally would rather a halo wars 2 :3. hopes are high for me with the possibility. Shame MS shut down Ensemble.

TheXgamerLive2442d ago

Actually, MGS Microsoft Gaming Studios could easily handle it and or 343 if they wanted to do another.

I agree they reaally did a good job with halo wars, it was a unique perspective on Halo.

Then there's still that whole Halo lego, haha:)

gtxgamer22442d ago

Well if they plan all that way then hopefully it doesnt get juiced out like the CoD series.

-MD-2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I don't think they'd make Halo a yearly release like Call of Duty. That's good for a quick cash-in but that's the quickest way to burn people out.

Megaton2442d ago

They already came close to having a new one yearly this gen.

2007 - Halo 3
2008 - N/A
2009 - Halo Wars, ODST
2010 - Reach
2011 - Halo Remake

They'll be milking this thing forever, unless it proves to be unprofitable.

TekoIie2442d ago


halo wars was completely different to any halo game done before. ODST was origionally designed as an expansion which ended up being a halo 3 with a different campaign. Reach was a true Halo game so 3 years later i wouldnt consider to be milking. Anniversary was a remake simple.

I dont think that could be considered milking since all of them were fairly different from one another (excluding ODST).

dark-hollow2442d ago

Let them release 4 first before talking about the ninth one!

no_more_heroes2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

It's entirely possible. It's their flagship. They'd want to keep it going as long as possible. However, the registering of at this point is just for copyright purposes, just in case anyone (possibly) infringes before they (possibly) get that far.

Tai_Kaliso2442d ago

I think they are just locking up domains just in case, possibly for later use. What we do know right now is that a new trilogy is going to happen and it starts with Halo 4 this year.

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