Retro Studios Recruiting Ex-Zipper Interactive Employees

It appears as though the masterminds over at Retro Studios are currently recruiting ex-Zipper Interactive employees for an upcoming project.

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browngamer412393d ago

Retro seems to be picking up alot of different developers and programers ..I wonder what they're working on? I love Retro!

apollo062393d ago

I hear ya. Im hoping something EPIC!

Titanz2392d ago

We need leaks I tell you, LEAKS! xD

shackdaddy2392d ago

Hmm, ND devs, Crytek devs, and now Zipper Interactive devs. Sounds like they're churning up something really good to me :)

killerhog2392d ago

Waste of talent, they better not be working on another metroid or Mario kart... I hope it's a new IP.

MacUser19862392d ago

This is awesome, Retro is one of those underrated developers who are always under the radar just like Zipper was. This can only mean good things are coming to the 3DS and "Wii U'.

Gen0ne2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

I dunno about underrated or under the radar. Everybody knows they're awesome. Any employee going from Zipper to Retro is making a serious step up.

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