Top 10 Games That Deserve HD Collections

The gaming industry is now a few months into 2012 and a number of games this year have already been treated with HD Collection releases, such as the Jak and Daxter trilogy and the Silent Hill franchise. As months go by, numerous other franchises await their HD re-releases while fans eagerly speculate the announcements of other classic games that they held dear to their hearts. With venerated games like the Devil May Cry trilogy, the Zone of the Enders, and Final Fantasy X, what else could be re-released into the HD Collection market, but more importantly, what games deserve an HD re-release? Well, let’s break down the Top 10 games from the previous console generations that deserve a second run at the market for a new batch of gamers to discover. These appear in no particular order.

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Cajun Chicken2393d ago

But Ratchet IS getting a HD collection of the first 3 games.

chaldo2392d ago

Max Payne 1 and 2 please!

Marc_Lyon_Galang2392d ago

I mentioned that it IS. :D want!!!!!!!!!!

Ghost2502393d ago

i can not stress enough how much we need a new onimusha game let alone an HD collection. i just don't understand how capcom could turn onimusha into a browser game. What the fuck is wrong with capcom? never in a million years would i have thought that was gonna happen. every time i look up its like capcom is just finding another way to screw over their long time fans. they truly are deserving of the name CRAPCOM because all they produce is shit.

jc485732392d ago

the problem is, will Capcom give you Onimusha 1 - DAWN in ONE disc? I highly doubt it. I don't think I have seen any company do so.

Nodoze2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Onimusha and Kingdom Hearts were the only ones on the list I agree with. Both are great and worthy of an HD re-release.

Sadly even if it did happen Crapcom would simply HD upconvert and spend minimal time money on making it a great release.

Crapcom has fallen far this generation.

Marc_Lyon_Galang2392d ago

I await its return. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine what crazy action sequences they could have on such a power house like the PS3!

dorron2393d ago

Add Dragon Quest VIII to that list, please.

Tommy3342392d ago

all these hd remakes proves gaming is dying.

Marc_Lyon_Galang2392d ago

gaming has reached a repetitive motion. but some devs are hitting some innovative ground like Quantic Dream. so all hope is not lost. not quite yet. Which reminds me...why didnt i put Indigo Prophecy in there :(

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The story is too old to be commented.