IGN Reviews Toy Home for the PS3: it's windup DLC

Greg Miller writes:

"So, how much do you value ten dollars? Sure, Toy Home is pretty at times, has a nice leaderboard option and is fun to tear through, but you'll have seen all the eight courses have to offer after your first run. That leaves you to complain about the game's two cars, repetitive gameplay and laggy online battle mode. To me, Toy Home is fun for a while but not worth my Hamilton."


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Rice4032d ago

i really liked this game.

joemomma4032d ago

I have to say this game fails.

Polluted4031d ago

I thought the demo was crap. I'm surprised that it scored as well as it did. Maybe it could be fun for kids.

rbanke4031d ago

the forced use of motion controls is what ruined this game for me. It might have been ok otherwise.