Toy Home Playtest

IGN conducts a playtest with one of the two latest offerings from Game Republic and PSN: Toy Home. Despite being quietly introduced without much fanfare, it appears to be a solid, fun racing game based on the SIXAXIS controller.

Though the IGN staff did not like the motion sensing control at first, it quickly grew on him as he continued to play the game.

Currently available in Japan store for 800 yen, an international release is expected soon.


Toy Home expansion pack screenshots

15 screenshots from Toy Home's expansion pack.

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IGN Reviews Toy Home for the PS3: it's windup DLC

Greg Miller writes:

"So, how much do you value ten dollars? Sure, Toy Home is pretty at times, has a nice leaderboard option and is fun to tear through, but you'll have seen all the eight courses have to offer after your first run. That leaves you to complain about the game's two cars, repetitive gameplay and laggy online battle mode. To me, Toy Home is fun for a while but not worth my Hamilton."


Rice5990d ago

i really liked this game.

joemomma5989d ago

I have to say this game fails.

Polluted5989d ago

I thought the demo was crap. I'm surprised that it scored as well as it did. Maybe it could be fun for kids.

rbanke5989d ago

the forced use of motion controls is what ruined this game for me. It might have been ok otherwise.


IGN AU's Top 10 PlayStation Network Games

While Xbox 360 and Wii owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to their respective online game services, with XBLA now housing a huge catalogue with a number of true gems, and Nintendo's Virtual Console steadily building an archive of retro classics, Sony's PlayStation Store has been slower to build up momentum. A glance around the store still reveals a relative paucity of quality titles – whether new or retro, but the good news is that there are a number of titles well worth your time on the service already, and there are plenty more on the way.

Bladestar6006d ago

PlayStation Network Games? I thought Sony gave up on that Idea... how many games do they get a month? when was the last time they got one? the xbox 360 gets 4 a month... and they are already on the tripple diggits... Developers obviously aren't going crazy over making games for the Playstation network. I wonder how many downloads these games sell?

skynidas6006d ago

The majority of the games that are in Xbox Live Marketplace are 5h1t, on the other side the mojority of the games that are in the playstation network are awesome some of them are:
High Velocity Bowling
Calling All Cars
Everyday Shooter
Super Stardust HD
Blast Factor & more

So Bladesh1t please shut up!

paul_war6006d ago

Sorry Bladestar, but Warhawk beats anything i've downloaded on my 360.

Got Pixal Junk Racers 2 weeks ago & still waiting for PAIN,
High Velocity Bowling & Everyday Shooter in UK (hopefully today).

DrWan6006d ago

Wii is a joke, and ppl actually pay for those retro games. I am amazed. When little big planet come out, 2D market will be redefined (which is good, because I love 2Ds, Mega man and such). The wii 2D games will most likily appear in the forms of Little big planet.

The X360 has some good online DLC, but on a ounce for ounce PSN is far more classier. It's really like going into a honda Dealer and seeing a bunch of Civic and accord as compare to going into a BMW dealer seeing the crappiest car is a 325i (everyday shooter) and upward 7 series (Warhawk) if you will.. Less games? yes..quality wise. there is some pretty good stuff on PSN right now. More innovation less of the "Same stuff" sorry Wii.