Eurogamer: Playstation Store Round Up


"Such delicate concepts often fly to pieces when updated and weighed down with modern clutter, but Snakeball holds itself together surprisingly well."

Score: 7/10

Toy Home

"Pretty much any item in the game can be knocked over if you hit it hard enough, and while such mayhem is part of the fun, it can also leave you ping-ponging off debris or even demolishing a ramp that was vital for completing the level. Still, it's got charm to spare and - if you don't mind wrestling with controls that occasionally leave you gritting your teeth - this is a groovy little romp."

Score: 7/10

High Velocity Bowling

"For those who were frustrated in Wii Sports when an unconscious mid-swing wrist rotation sent the ball inexorably gutter-bound, this means that you can concentrate on getting your aim right and then swing without worrying about hand-wobble affecting your aim. But it also makes you wonder why the game uses motion sensing at all, since all you're really doing during the swing itself is setting the power of your shot."

Score: 6/10

Feel Ski

"While the side-to-side swooshy skiing action is very nice, the jumping and stunts do the hardware no favours and there's no getting away from the fact that Feel Ski seems more like a shortlived demo than a complete experience in its own right."

Score: 5/10

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MaximusPrime_4645d ago

Judging by the trailer it looks terrible. I much prefer Micro Machines (by Codemasters)

Btw: SnakeBall interests me.

PirateThom4645d ago

I played the demo of Toy Home and wrote a review for my friend's blog, it's dire. Really bad.

the worst4645d ago

im buying
High Velocity Bowling
i love bowling plus the game
has custom sound track

Toy Home my kids like it
so im buying this 2

Skerj4645d ago

I'll pick up Snakeball and probably High Velocity as well. Getting Pain and Pixel Junk Monsters when they come out and Dark Mist if it leaves Japan, that'll bump my PSN purchased titles to 12 if you count Warhawk. It'd be more but Wipeout and Rat Race aren't coming out this year. That's pretty weird considering I didn't think I'd like much at the beginning.