What Dick Smith Clearance Sale?

Many customers who were excited about today's Dick Smith clearance sale walked away disappointed instead.

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YoungKingDoran2393d ago

the year was 2005 i was 16.
for whatever reason i wandered into dick smith.
there happened to be a sale on and i left with a brand new gc resident evil 4 CE with special edition dvd for $4.
probably the best bargain i ever got, and ever will get.
thanks dick smith.
end of story.

Mr-Zex2393d ago

What the hell is this Article on about, there was a Dick Smith sale today, I rang up and the guy told me there was.

AusRogo2393d ago

Yes there was, but everything good was taken by the staff and everyone rightfully is up in arms. All there was were shit games. So really wasnt much of a sale is what it means..

kaozgamer2392d ago

i was lucky to grab the pc version of assassins creed revelations for $15!!yay!