Should Game Reviewers Be Reviewed?

The April Fool's joke about "Metametacritic" brings up a good question: Should game critics be evaluated on their performance?

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Dante1122443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Can gamers have an opinion of a reviewer's review, critique and writing skill? I was told that you aren't even allowed to have an opinion on the ME3 ending situation (Told by journalists and critics to shut up and take the game how it is. Oh and to not get a refund on the game) so idk. It'd be interesting seeing how it would work though.

MoFo11112443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

No it would be dumb as hell

WolfLeBlack2443d ago

How could you actually review a reviewer? How could you grade their performance?

AN authors writing style, be it in a book or a review, is a very subjective thing. For example I like lenghty reviews that break down almost every element of the game into separate pieces, while other people prefer their reviews short and sweet, always sticking to the major points.

Reviews are already a subjective thing because while one person might like a game the next person may not. Adding reviews of reviewers into that mix would be just daft, in my opinion.

Now, a simple site where people can vote for their favorites and have a running board of the most popular reviewers, that, I think, could work.