Bringing it Home - Day 2

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Vista Game Montage
Fusion Frenzy 2 trailer
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom trailer
Team Fortress 2 trailer
Table Tennis trailer*

TGS Theme

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JPomper5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )


Um... yay?

M3RCUTIO5851d ago

Still no Tenchu demo for me, huh? Color me disappointed. :(

Ravenator5295851d ago

Chill out!

There are nine total days of downloads and the TGS hasn't even hit full swing.

Greater things are yet to come!

Silverwolf5851d ago

You got to give it to MS they sure are giving there fans a lot of info. This is something other console makers will be copying by this time next year. It is a great idea!

PS360WII5851d ago

Movies are cool because they always show the cream of the crop instead of just the boring crap that they put out on demos. Yesterday I did see the trailer for Tenchu and what a teaser that was just a guy hitting arrows out of the way.