PS Vita Launch, with Hindsight

GamingUnion: "It has been about a month since Sony's new portable, the PlayStation Vita, launched in the West. Considering the dramatic changes which have taken place within the handheld landscape as of late - most importantly, the smartphone/tablet revolution lead by Apple's iOS platforms - there's been a lot of talk amongst gaming enthusiasts about the fate of Vita and Nintendo's 3DS. With that in mind, the initial commercial and critical reception to Vita will be very important in shaping this industry-wide discussion going forward."

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mephman3104d ago

I think it's been doing pretty well so far. They just need to start pumping out the software.

MoFo11113104d ago

Dont know about that.Its bombing hard in Japan.Only selling 10,000 last week.Only done 225K in npd
Needs a price cut and more games

mephman3104d ago

The only reason it's bombing in Japan is because there's no software worth buying at the moment. In the West it's doing fine.

dark-hollow3104d ago

There aren't really any major games that the Japanese cares about.

But if to take the PSP as an indicator, am sure it'll be jrpg heaven in the upcoming years.

Starting with gravity rush. God am so pumped for this game!

UnitSmiley3104d ago

Vita has the hardware, they just need to get some big games to make people want to get one. Once the software comes in, the sales will go up.

GribbleGrunger3104d ago

they might want to try advertising it too. that's the one thing that Microsoft do really well

Pillage053104d ago

I swear I've seen 100 vita/sony commercials since launch. That's here in the USA. I can't say for sure what all channels but G4 and Comedy Central for sure.

UnitSmiley3104d ago

Yeah, and actually show off some of the games, not just people playing the system *facepalm*

SandwichHammock3104d ago

Patiently waiting for may 1 and mk. Other than that....psone classics! Sony! Bro, come on!

Krew_923104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Yeah I want yo play my PSone games already. That alone can hold me off until LittleBigPlanet Vita, and Killzone is released.

Series_IIa3104d ago

Not touched my Vita since completing Golden Abyss, just gotta wait till some games which I want to play hit the shelves.

SpinalRemains1383104d ago

I don't know about you, but I have been dwnloading the PSP titles and having a blast. Seems I missed a lot with not having a PSP in the past. There are many many great titles to adventure through in the interim.

Raider693104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Wait for Christmas for bundles and a price cut most likely.I will never buy a new system at release day anymore!PSP is still pumping hard and with great games,no rush for Vita!

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The story is too old to be commented.