Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Character Spotlight 3

Gamespot staff writes, "If you were a fan of Blueside's unique Xbox series Kingdom Under Fire--which blended Dynasty Warriors-style large-scale hack-and-slash action with a seamlessly integrated real-time strategy element--you may have been feeling left out in the cold on the Xbox 360. But finally, the developer will provide its first 360 version of Kingdom Under Fire next week with Circle of Doom, an action role-playing game that may not offer the same style of gameplay as its predecessors but is looking to revisit many of the series' unique locales and characters. Microsoft has provided in-depth information on the last two of the game's six total playable characters."

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gamehendge4032d ago

who even cares, will the 360 even be in production much longer? a year head start wasn't enough. congrats Nintendo and Sony.