Indie art games are the future... just not the future of games

BeefJack: "Personally, I think taking the game out of games has limited long-term appeal within our medium, although some are certainly immersive. As we explore more ways to interact with our games, we’re also finding more ways we can tell stories through game systems, and that can only be a good thing.

But gamers aren’t the only group of people to exist, and virtual worlds you can explore, infused with story and meaning, could still have a very important purpose. Art games are not the future of videogames. But they might just be the future of art."

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Emilio_Estevez3095d ago

Linger in shadows was really interesting, not sure what to call it, but I certainly enjoyed it.

Fylus3094d ago

As a game and an artist, it makes me very excited to see independent developers to gain success through an artistically beautiful game with innovative elements of gameplay. Linger in Shadows and Flower are great examples. In all honesty, I never particularly enjoyed "playing" either of those two games but I LOVED watching them. They truly are Art.