Robert Bowling Abandons Call of Duty, Respawn Entertainment Next Move? - Unscripted Access #1

"Robert Bowling calls it quits on Infinity Ward, Zipper Interactive possibly being shut down by Sony, LittleBigPlanet Karting emerges, Prey 2 likely cancelled by Bethesda Softworks, and much more. After numerous requests to launch a brand new audio podcast on The Gamer Access with an unscripted format similar to what they have done previously with shows such as their CES 2012 Recap, Unscripted Access is finally here!"

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TopDudeMan4006d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if some of his old buddies over at respawn showed him some early footage of their upcoming game and offered him a deal... In theory, that might have happened.

FragGen4006d ago

Who cares what some random IW employee is going to do next? COD has been auto pilot for how many years now?

PopRocks3594005d ago

Hey, show a little respect. The guy has to work on a million dollar franchise, try his best to generate positive hype for it AND deal with a lot of haters. Take the CoD name out of the equation and suddenly you see him as a pretty respectable guy.

moonlight4006d ago

Who gives a fucking fuck?.

Raider694006d ago

Im more worried about Prey 2 been dump than the fucking rest!

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