New EGM Scores and Rumors: Microsoft Next Console, Sony Working on More PSN Games and More

Here are the latest rumors from EGM Magazine via Gaf user SuperSonic1305:


4 Guitar Hero sequels out in 2008 (Guitar Hero 4, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, and 2 others)
Microsoft canceled an XBLA release of Goldeneye 007 at the last minute
Sony teaming up with a major japanese publisher to remake old games for PSN
Unannounced Microsoft first party sequel in the works for Microsoft's next console
Persona 3: FES coming stateside, Next SMT title on PS3
Skateboarding game for Wii Balance Board in the works
Sin City game released in 2009


Burnout Paradise - 9, 9, 9
NFL Tour - 3, 4, 3.5
Harvey Birdman - 5.5, 7, 5
Samurai Warriors: Katana - 4.5, 3.5, 3
Unreal Tournament 3 - 8, 8.5, 8
Kingdom Under Fire: COD - 3, 4, 4
Culdcept Saga - 8, 7.5, 8
Nanostray 2 - 6.5, 6, 5
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice - 5.5, 6, 6.5

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MK_Red4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Awesome find. Glad to see Burnout getting good scores from EGM.
4 GHs!!?? Activision should be carefull with milking the poor franchise.

EDIT: Wow, seriously low score for Kingdown Under Fire and NFL.
Burnout FTW!

TANOD4034d ago

good to see Burnout get good scores

TriggerHappy4034d ago

Yeah it would seem, developers have stepped up their multiplatform development on diff consoles.

MK_Red4034d ago

True but of course, great scores were expectable for a game from a superb team like Criterion.

TriggerHappy4034d ago

Yeah but is very rare seeing EA come out with 2 "AAA" games in such a short time period. With the first been SKATE and now Burnout.

Crysis on consoles would be awesome.

mesh14034d ago

burn out is garabge well the demo was or maybe its not just my type o game but the game is crap.

The Killer4034d ago

i bet u didnt like it because the ps3 version is better?
but of course it is ur type of game to play forza 2 right?
well dont worry dont buy it, it better, we ps3 owners will be buying it, its a great game!
in my opinion it will be the best game in the series and if not then only burnout 2 beats it!

EZCheez4034d ago

How could you say that?!

Some people might not like the new open world environment, but other than that what is there to complain about? Burnout is awesome and change is good every once in a while. It keeps the series fresh, and from what I saw, I love they way they handled it and integrated the online experience. Yet ANOTHER game i'll be buying day one.

KidMakeshift4034d ago

I don't like the new Burnout. It reminds me too much of Need For Speed now. I really miss the set tracks spread across the globe, and crash mode.

xplosneer4034d ago

But I like the new Burnout BECAUSE it's like Need for Speed. Need for Speed ditched the open world formula and Carbon sucked, so I've been waiting. Wish it had cops, but still very awesome. EA Black Box-You screwed up trying to get into PGR4's territory.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4034d ago

PS3 version better? WTF you smoking?

Skizelli4033d ago

Why do people like you have to turn it into a console war? He simply stated that he didn't like it. Merely an opinion. He never mentioned for what platform. You ARE aware there's a demo for the 360 as well, right? Think before you speak.

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TheExecutive4034d ago

Already whispers of a new xbox? I am still guessing the 720 will be out in late 09 or 2010.

burnout looks fun and is getting good scores

I wonder what company Sony is working with to get old games on the PSN?? Anyone?

TriggerHappy4034d ago

One of these:

SquareEnix ( About 85% probability)
Konami ( 50%)
Capcom ( About 20%)

rofldings4034d ago

In other news, this song is epic:

TheExecutive4034d ago

Thanks for the input, but Square at 85%? That would be huge! I can think of at least 2 titles from each of the aforementioned that I would love to play again. Either way its only good news.

nice_cuppa4034d ago

box man pops like a master.

TriggerHappy4034d ago

Yeah 85% because Sony already own some shares in that company so that is a plus and Sony have a very great relationship with them as well. Although is unlikely since they like to charge full prices for their games, I doubt is them.

Is good to want things you know.

EZCheez4034d ago

That it would be a developer that we might not have even heard of before. Getting a minor development team to primarily transfer old PS titles to the PSN would be a great idea, and would seem a lot faster and cheaper than dealing with any of those publishers.

Sony might just establish an in-house development team to do it all. That would seem like the best idea.

marinelife94034d ago

I can't believe Microsoft is already thinking about releasing the game on it's next console while ignoring the current 360. I wonder how soon they're planning on releasing the new system.

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BigKev454034d ago

HAHA NFL Tour sucks, I downloaded the demo on PSN. Wow, garbage. What happen EA to NFL Street? I'll be picking up Burnout however. Sony will be teaming up with Capcom to remake games on the ol' PSN. And it's either a new Halo or Gears for the next Xbox.

pwnsause4034d ago

Well at Least be Surprised that the PS3 is Finally geting EA NFL games that run at 60FPS. Although I agree that it sucked, cant wait till the EA license with NFL is over.

EZCheez4034d ago

I can't wait for EA to get some competition for it's only guaranteed sells.

Bonsai12144034d ago

didn't they buy the rights for like 10 years or something. i hope i'm wrong..

gogators4034d ago

signed by EA and the NFL back in December 2004. It may have been a good deal at the time, but now it doesn't look so good for EA.

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carlman234034d ago

I was actually interested in Kingdom Under Fire. Well, better save my money then...

TriggerHappy4034d ago

Yeah Man, got a lot of free time on my hands today..

Leg-End4034d ago

off-topic, but if u like hip-hop u need to listen to this