Super Mario 64 DS: Remakes Done Right

Super Mario 64 DS was offered as a launch title for the Nintendo DS, a remake of the classic platform game with a few original tricks.

Chard50d ago

Not with those D-pad controls

CDbiggen50d ago

Needs more appreciation. I never had an N64 so this was what I played. Sure the Yoshi hat mechanic at first is a slog but you unlock Mario and the others for real and then it takes off. Personally I never had an issue with the controls. Can't forget the mini games and the 4 player rumble over download play.

kevco3350d ago

Indeed, as stated in the article there were tonnes of control options and very much a 'take whatever you like, leave the rest' attitude to most of the game's extras.

46d ago

A Super Mario 64 Remake Would Be The Perfect Game To Launch The Nintendo Switch 2

Releasing the Nintendo Switch 2 with a Super Mario 64 remake would be the perfect way to unleash the console to the world.

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-Foxtrot135d ago

If they ever did I hope they would add onto it, there's so much you could do with Princess Peach's castle alone

roadkillers134d ago

Or just make the Mario 128... the cancelled sequel that sounded amazing (or was it just an amazing tale).

fr0sty134d ago

Funny that after all these years, we still use 64 bit CPUs, so it wouldn't make sense to call it that.

fr0sty134d ago

Yeah, a straight remake doesn't sound good to me. Same formula, but different game.

Number1TailzFan135d ago

Each level is pretty small today in the original game, I don't like huge levels but I think they could be at least 2x bigger, or close to it and more of them, with more things to do.

They could do a mix of having open levels and more linear ones like in 3D World or Land, I doubt they will do that but it would make a change.

Neonridr134d ago

I mean Odyssey's levels weren't massive, but requiring you to do different things in each world is what made the levels feel bigger than they were.

ZeekQuattro135d ago

I'd prefer a Oydessey 2 or Galaxy 3. Besides the DS
game was a Mario 64 remake complete with more playable characters, stages, bosses and muti player content.

Cacabunga134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I did not like Odyssey i found the idea of ot lame.. i find it boring to just look for moons instead of exploring and enjoying the levels. Let’s not talk about the extremely repetitive and ridiculously easy bosses. Level design is so meh most of the time. Galaxy 2 is a far better game so Galaxy 3 anytime!!!

TiredGamer134d ago

Agreed. I enjoyed Odyssey for a while, but it quickly became very formulaic where each level felt like a checklist of things to do with WAY too many moons to find. The Galaxy series were the best, as they took some of what made 64 great and juiced it up perfectly.

Lolly134d ago

Yes! Let's release an almost 30 year old game to kick off the next generation for Nintendo...
I'm over re-releases...FEED ME NEW MARIO!

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