Recording Industry Says Ripping CDs To Computer Is Illegal

Washington (DC) - The Recording Industry Association of America has filed a landmark federal lawsuit in Arizona, claiming that it is illegal for users to make copies of CD tracks to their computer for personal use.

The RIAA is going after Jeffrey Howell of Scottsdale, AZ. The group alleges that Howell shared 54 music files over the peer-to-peer network Kazaa. This kind of complaint has become commonplace for the RIAA, but they added something different to this lawsuit.

Ira Schwartz, an Arizona-based lawyer for the trade group, says Howell is also guilty of making "unauthorized copies" of CD tracks by ripping them to his computer, even though he may never have shared them with anyone else.

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bym051d5559d ago

I really don't see how it's anyone's business what you do with the music you purchase as long as you aren't profiting and keeping possession of the music to yourself.

BrianC62345559d ago

What morons. The RIAA is trying to kill the music industry. I don't download illegal music. I don't believe people should. I do own a lot of music CDs though and have them on my iPod. And I should have the right to do it. I can show the RIAA all my CDs if I have to. They need to keep this dumb idea out of lawsuits. Maybe Apple will sue them to try and stop it.

I just hope we don't have any judges dumb enough to side with the RIAA.

Close_Second5559d ago

...if you look in every CD slipcase you'll see the copyright warning which pretty much means the RIAA have the right to do what they're doing.

If consumers were not able to rip CD music then what kind of shape would the MP3 player (including IPod) market be in?

gamesR4fun5559d ago

you gotta buy a mp3 version given one is available...
thank god this is only in the states....

RudeSole Devil5559d ago

This will never change I will never buy music again hahahahahahah. all free to me

BrianC62345559d ago

But your attitude is just as bad. Why shouldn't you have to pay for the music? The people who make the music need to be paid too. This isn't about that issue though. It's about having the right to put your legal music on your computer and iPod. The RIAA can't be allowed to stop that.

08_CiViC_Si5559d ago

its not even really about the actual musicians making money for their efforts. they make crap compared to the record labels.

musicians have and always will make most of their cash through concerts, endorsements, etc.

record labels can suck it i say.

heyheyhey5559d ago

just like millions of other companies who get pissed off about this and file a lawsuit this one is gonna fail to

BrianC62345559d ago

But this is under Tech. This site isn't just games. Look at the tabs at the top. There are other categories besides games.

mccomber5559d ago

Considering that many gaming companies are trying to sell more and more downloadable content and titles, not to mention the continued push of MS into the video market, anything related to how other industries are treating consumers who use digital files is important for us to be aware of.
The outcome of cases like this could have consequences that reach beyond music, as they set a precedence for future trials and laws. If they rule in the RIAA's favor about ripping music, that would mean that features of the PS3 and 360 are allowing for "illegal" uses since you can rip and playback music from CDs.

bym051d5559d ago

It's gaming related because the PS3 and 360 allow for the ripping of music onto the machine via CDs. The 360 even allows you to substitute game music for your ripped music.

Gamers should be aware that these actions have been called into question.

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The story is too old to be commented.