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HD remakes seem to be the “flavor of the week” lately in the world of gaming. It seems that many gamers are wanting to re-live past experiences with well-loved titles, albeit within the realm of modern technology. If there’s ever a good time for an HD remake, it’s when the franchise is fresh in gamers’ minds. So, with Rayman Origins receiving a good amount of acclaim among critics, Ubisoft has recently released Rayman 3 HD (available on both the PSN Store and for Xbox Live Arcade). This downloadable title is an HD upgrade of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, which was originally released back in 2003. Obviously, the question that needs to be asked here though is whether or not the upgrade was worth doing.

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ShadyDevil2517d ago

I honestly never played a Rayman title. I might pick this just for fun...and trophies.

Grap2517d ago

Try Raymen Origin it's EPIC.. I loved that game Soo much, It's a shame that's we got no platform games in this gen expect Mario