Preschtale Takes a Different Approach to Chiptunes writes: "Chiptune albums come and go. Whether it’s an original album meant to sound like an NES soundtrack or a collection of 8-bit dance songs, the scene is quite crowded. But every once in a while, something a little different comes along and rises above the pack sporting a unique sound.

This is exactly what C-jeff brings to the table. With his new album, Preschtale, he’s created something new, yet familiar in entirely unorthodox ways. Inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, Rush, and Dream Theater (among others), Preschtale is a fascinating blend of progressive rock and video game music. It’s a musical journey of sorts that combines chiptune and FM-synthesis. You’ll also hear some guitar performance by Danimal Cannon (of Metroid Metal and Armcannon fame)."

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spambot2516d ago

I'm listening now and it's a great album so far.