Gamestop's Biggest Trade In Event Ever Happening Now

Every once in a while, Gamestop will hold a good trade in event that will net you an extra 10% – 15% extra credit for your games. For this event, they have upped the ante to a whole new level and are practically begging for you to trade in your games.

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crxss2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

getting $45+ store credit for mass effect 3 doesn't sound bad at all right now... any response bioware?

*edit* also the game sells used for $47.99... wont lose that much if i decide to repurchase after their FREE (hopefully) DLC release

kreate2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

It just mean if u trade in a 3 dollar game, u get 4.50 instead.

If its 10 dollar, u get 15.

Even though they sell the game themself at a much higher price.

Only the words '50%' sounds good.

TrendyGamers2518d ago

They are currently offering $30 for Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter x Tekken according to their site. So $45 for them isn't bad.

xPhearR3dx2518d ago


I would just about to say something similar. Really depends on the games you're trading in. Plus if you have an Edge Card (Or w/e they're called now) that's an extra 10%. Lets say you don't like ME3. Considering the online pass, trying to sell it for $40 is going to be hard when the buyer has to spend $10 more to get the full game. They might as well buy it new. Going with Gamestop on the other hand is a guaranteed $40+.

So this deal can very much work in your favor. If you're smart about it.

Duoma2517d ago

I cant recall how many times i went into lamestop with a new game with instructions, original box and everything and only get a taco and some juicy fruit bubble gum for a trade (sarcasm). seriously though, their trade-in values suck.

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ThankYou_KindSir2517d ago

Not bad, but considering almost half of the games I was going to trade in last week have been significantly dropped, this is not very hot!

Persistantthug2517d ago

I usually like to just trade with my Craigslist community.

But this sounds like something to at least look into.

aquamala2517d ago

Now best buy is matching this 50% bonus

Prototype2517d ago

Looks like all they did was give you what you should get in the first place for trade-ins.

I still refuse to go there after what they tried pulling.

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Metamorph932518d ago

They just want your games so they can re-sell them. I'm not a fan of GameStop. I brought 10 games to them that were still in their wrapping (I had gotten them as a present just a few days before and were worth $60 a piece), and GameStop was going to give me $7 in store credit. When I took my games from the clerk, he looked at me like I was stupid. I looked at him like he was stupid too, and I walked out.

christheredhead2518d ago

7 dollars for 10, 60 dollar games? or 7 a piece for each individual game?

I think its pretty obvious that they want your games so they can resell, that is sort of their business after all. I took advantage of the deal myself and was able to pay off The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles without any money from my pocket.

hellzsupernova2517d ago

EB Games here in NZ had a similar promo not long ago I was able to buy Uncharted 3, Assasins Creed Revelations, Battlefield 3 and Skyrim after tradeing in 12 older games i didnt even play anymore.

Metamorph932517d ago

7 for all the games. I just find their trading "deals" to not be deals. I sell my games myself on Craigslist or eBay. The only time I go to GameStop is if they have a super hard to find game.

Soldierone2518d ago

"They just want your games to sell them" No way?!

People need to understand Gamestop is a business. If the trade in value is low, then sell it yourself and get rid of the middle man (Gamestop). They constantly tell you to do that, they are not forcing you to walk in and trade games to them. They are providing a convenience, and thats it.

plus it doesn't matter if these games were new on the shelf for 60 dollars, maybe the price just hasn't dropped yet. Their trade in prices vary based on demand.

xGrunty2518d ago

Totally agree with you man. I work at gamestop and I always tell people they should try to sell them on Craigslist if they don't agree with the value.

knifefight2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Exactly. It's supply and demand. They can't go buying games from you for $52 and selling them for $55. A single hour of a single employee's wage is like $7 or $8, so that would not make them any money. Plus if the price drops next week, dang, they lost money on that deal.
The POINT of a business is to be PROFITABLE. The convenience with a place like GS is that you get money or cred RIGHT the heck NOW, gauranteed.

If you don't agree with the trade-in, then go ahead and take the time and personal effort/shipping time etc to list the game on eBay. Problem solved.

Both of these entities exist for people who prefer them. eBay and Craigstlist will usually get you more money, but you have to list it and ship it yourself (and the 'Bay takes a cut of your selling price). GS will get you less financial return, but you get it immediately.

People have options. How is this a bad thing?

SilentNegotiator2518d ago

Very true. You want to sell your game fast? Go to Gamestop. You want to sell it for a few more bucks? Sell it on eBay (so long as other people aren't selling it even cheaper than GS's offer; and there's a good chance, really).

xGrunty2518d ago

I would have looked at you stupid too, if I worked there. The people who bought you your gifts should not have been so stupid and not given you a receipt so you can get full credit. There's this thing called a gift receipt.

SubZeroMaster2517d ago


fav part : he looked at me like I was stupid. I looked at him like he was stupid too, and I walked out.

Darrius Cole2517d ago

They probably thought you had stolen them and was BS'ing you to get you to leave. It sounds like they didn't want to deal.

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Burning_Finger2518d ago

Gamestop Biggest Rip Off Event. XD

Bagogames2518d ago

COME BACK GAMESTOP! You've left us Northern Irish completely f**ked! Game is going bust, CEX is taking over and I am ACTUALLY considering buying games from Tesco...

Please come back :'(

catfrog2518d ago

fifty percent of seventyfive cents?!



Sorrow242517d ago

Lol at the disagrees. Nincompoops...

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