BioShock creator on System Shock 2, AI, Design & Future of Gaming

Creative Director of BioShock Ken Levine speaks on working with AI, the Creative Process, and what nearly didn't make it in the game.

GamePro: I played System Shock 2 back in the day, and I'm sure you have been hearing a lot of this here lately, but it really made an impact on me.

Ken Levine: Thank you very much. I hope we didn't disappoint with BioShock.

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BrotherSic4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

Nice find MK, it's always nice to hear from one of the few really talented people in the industry.

I couldn't imagine Bioshock without Big Daddies, it would have been a very different game. Hopefully Ken's next game will be just as good as Bioshock was my game of the year.

MK_Red4575d ago

Levine is indeed a superb game designer and games that he has worked on are all classics. From Theif to System Shock 2 to the recent classic BioShock.
Agreed on BioShock as it was my game of the year as well :)

BrotherSic4575d ago

Mk; Seems like Ken might be difficult to work with as it seems like he is in control of everything but I would love to work for someone with his creativity and passion. I guess there are only a couple of years to wait until his next game ;)

MK_Red4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

True. He really has a unique and controlling personality from what I've heard as well.
Hopefully they don't force him into making sequels and take away his freedom.

kwicksandz4575d ago

I Hate your avatar but i love your comments, even if it they sometime seem like appeasement at times.

I personally was a little let down with bio shock. it watered down the RPG elements from SS2 significantly. And maybe its cause im older now but while ss2 genuinely scared me back in the day bioshock was just meh more gun toting drug addicts to kill. The one good thing about it was the ability to carry as many things as you liked! I remember back in SS2 i had an elevator full of guns, ammo and the needle power ups that i would dump all my un researched junk into.

The hybrids Moans of " the many sings to us" and "you dont sing the same song" still haunt my dreams!

Ken has created some true classic games that many of the console faithful never played which is a true shame.

MK_Red4575d ago

Why do you hate my avy? How could you hate Vault Boy? ;)

I know what you mean but you shouldn't have approached BioShock expecting a horror RPG or anything like BioShock even though they have similarities. BioShock is more of an arthouse FPS than a classic RPG with incredible atmophere that SS2 was.
The truth is that almost all RPG games (Mainly classic PC ones) are watered down and it mostly began with shift to consoles or move into new century. Look at Daggerfall, it was insanely huge and wonderfully deep. Then came Morrowind which is my fave TES game but it was simplified in many areas compared to Daggerfall. And then there is Oblivion which is like crappy shallow FPS compared to Morrowind let alone Dagger. This is not all fault of console though. We have BioWare's NeverWinter Nights which was insanely shallow and straight forward compared to Baldur's Gate.

One thing I'm sure of is that classic and really deep RPG died when Black Isle died and real Fallout 3 was cancelled. Fallout 2 is still my all time favorite but we have to accept the changes. We have to accept that today's market wont accept games like System Shock. Heck, some even find BioShock too complex even though it's really easy and console friendly. Today's gamers are sadly fans of Wii Sports and easier games. Fable is as complex as modern RPGs can be which is really sad.

Still, I suggest you take a second run through Rapture but this time, with lower expectations and different prespective. If I try Fallout 3 (Current one) expecting something as classic and deep as Fallout 2, I'll be surely disappointed. I'll go for Fallout 3 expecting Bethesda's 2008 Fallout 3 not Black Isle's 2001 Fallout 3.

GodsHand4575d ago

Ahhh, Theif is a Great game. I never finished System Shock 2, my computer then couldnt really handle the game. I have yet to play BioShock, but maybe will get it on Steam.

tony4574d ago

is a must have masterpiece. kevin levine really knows to get the job done with this game. great job.