Five Nights at Freddy’s, SAG/Aftra News, Bioshock And More Skewedcast

Gareth, Justin, and Michael at Skewed and Reviewed look at timely and topical entertainment news on their latest show including the latest video game movie and news of another in the works.

ROCKY28121d ago

The movie was absolutely garbage !!!
BH needs to do better - since Halloween Ends - Exorcist , Freddy is Shyte - STOP IT !!!!

Garethvk121d ago

Didn't the creator write it? It also made a fortune based on the budget so from a business standpoint it is a massive success.


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Five Nights at Freddy's: Audiences Love it, Critics Hate it

Five Nights at Freddy's has made a killing at the cinema, with audiences loving the horror and critics hating it.

gold_drake116d ago

i thought it was a good movie.

113d ago
-Foxtrot116d ago

Rotten Tomatoes has this weird thing now where if critics dislike something with.m a big fanbase behind it the audience is like “oh f*** this, f***** critics so far up their on arse” and will give the film a better marks than they original would have

I’m not defending critics, there’s some films where I’ve been like “what on earth” but audience scores now feel like a middle finger to critics.

This was not a good film in general, strip that franchise name from it and it’s objectively bad

roadkillers115d ago

Meh, the actors made it better for me. If it wasn't FnaF, I wouldnt have known about it. Strip the actors and then its a bad movie for me.

gold_drake115d ago

im of the same opinion xD

ravens52115d ago

It was ok. I've never played a 5 night's at Freddys game

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