The Motion Control Dilemma

When the Wii first came out, everyone was going crazy over motion controls. The very idea of being able to control a video game with your own movement brought fantastical ideas of virtual reality back into our minds. Game after game of Wii Sports Tennis was played, and for a while motion controls were the next big thing in gaming.

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mcstorm2517d ago

I find it funny how people keep saying the wii has lots of shovelware and now because of move and Kinect the PS3 and 360 have lots of shovelware.

shovelware is not new and has happened in every gen with or without Motion control look at more or less every game for a film ect.

The Wii, Kinect have some amazing games and also have some very poor games just like the 360 without Kinect, PS3 without Move, Gamecube, PS2, Dreamcast, xbox, PS1, N60, sega Saturn ect did.