Sony announces MMO convention SOE Live

Sony has announced the debut of a new convention devoted to Sony Online Entertainment MMOs, SOE Live. The convention will be located in Las Vegas, NV from the 18th through 21st October this year. The convention will take place at the Bally's Casino. The games that will be showcased at the convention include DC Universe Online, EverQuest, EverQuest II, Free Realms, Magic: The Gathering - Tactics, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. The convention will also debut PlanetSide 2.

"SOE Live" will also be the rebranding of the Sony Online Entertainment label.

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DarkSniper2396d ago

Dark Sniper will definitely be looking forward to the upcoming news and exciting events from SOE live. This is a great networking tool to create awareness and spread the word of all the great MMO's that exist exclusively on PlayStation®3.

Sony Online Entertainment has done a magnificent job with delivering consumers the best online experience that is unrivaled on all consoles and even breaking barriers that MMO titles on PC have yet to even ponder.

Sony is in rare, but welcoming position. They are the jack of all trades and the master of everything. From tv's, car audio, home theater, portable media, interactive gaming and a complete online ecosystem, Dark Sniper is glad that Sony left no stone unturned and is here to bring joyous experiences amongst all PlayStation related devices.


2395d ago
soundslike2395d ago

Whos Dark Sniper...


I get it...

YOU'RE Dark Sniper.


JonahFalcon2395d ago

None of those MMOs are exclusively on the PS3.

PHOSADRA2395d ago

Sounds good to me.
Keep it coming.

xursz2395d ago

Excited for their debut of Planetside2. The game looks amazing.

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gtxgamer22395d ago

maybe along with the announcement of SOE Live there will be new announcements coming?

EverydayGuy2395d ago

They should just turn home into an MMO

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