Microsoft Begin Windows Phone Xbox LIVE Campaign

Microsoft Studios has today launched a new marketing campaign for the Windows Phone 7 operating system in Europe, featuring Xbox LIVE as the most prominent asset in the first trailer. While the publisher has used the immediacy of Xbox LIVE on the mobile format as a selling point to gamers previously, this is the first time we’ve seen gaming on the mobile format pushed so heavily.

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It's about time the stock holders have been wanting to can Palmer for a while now and if Windows Phones don't take off like hot cakes...well let's just say this he'll be like many other Americans looking for a job!

maniacmayhem2518d ago

I'm pretty sure the wp7 hasn't taken off. Its been out for a good while now.

Captain Qwark 92518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

not sure why it hasnt, ive had one for almost a year now and its an amazing phone!

darthv722518d ago

WP7 is quite good. However it really lacks the brand recognition that the iphone has as well as the android market.

It is one of those late to the party type of situations. The phones using WP7 from the likes of Samsung and HTC rival those in quality of their Android counterparts.

Yet people became so fixated on the popularity of the iphone that it became hard to come out from that shadow. Android is doing well for itself and WP7 could too but MS should not try and be just like the rest and do something even more radical to surpass both platforms if they want to be taken seriously.

Seems the natural progression is tablets and the WP7/W8 is going tablet like the ios and droid os. The blending of functions that can span multiple devices is where MS is heading. To use the same functions/features from the pc to the tv to the console to the mobile market and do it all seamlessly is their goal.

MS gets a bad rep for some of their actions but they do have some neat ideas about convergence and convenience. I am torn between getting the Samsung focus (WP7) and the Samsung Captivate Glide (android).

I personally like the full sliding qwerty keyboard of the glide but wish it was available in a wp7 model.

gamingdroid2518d ago

I'm pretty sure MS went into the smart phone market realizing that they got a tough job ahead of them and that any market share gain is going to be well earned, so I don't think he will be looking for another job.

However, with Nokia finally releasing phones in the US, WP7 is finally getting some real push into the market.

As a WP7 owner, I'm mightly happy about the overall experience. The phone is snappy, very snappy and outpaces similar Android devices that has the sluggish feel. You know the, tap... wait did my phone freeze. Oh, it's just loading!

southernbanana2518d ago

I'm thinking about buying a windows phone when the Nokia 900 is released but haven't made up my mind. The iphone is more popular but I also like what I have seen from the current Windows phones. There was a time I wouldn't even consider a Windows phone because the OS at the time was crap. I have been really interested in the Nokia 900 since it seems to have as good or better features than the current iphone. With AT&T offering the Nokia 900 at 100 dollars with a two year contract, I just may choose it over the iphone. It will be a hard decision.

gypsygib2518d ago

I hope windows phone doesn't use childish avatars, if it does, it will never compete with Android and Apple.

givemeshelter2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

If you are thinking about a windows phone, (and I definitely am when Windows 8 up my Galaxy Nexus) you're better off to wait until the Apollo update for the OS that will support dual and quad core processors and all the goodies the other phone manufactures have. Moreover, this is when Windows 8 comes out and the Windows Phone will be compatible with that operating system fully.
There is still confusion as to if Windows 7.5 phones now will be able to run the Apollo update.

Now if MS gets this right, then they will have the only operating system that will run the same applications across three platforms:

1) Tablets
2) Smartphone
3) Desktops

For full compatibility, they will have Intel's mobile chipsets inside these devices. Arm processors won't have this compatibly in ARM equipped Windows phones and Tablets but will be easier to port said software to those devices. At least this is what MS is saying. Crossing fingers here...
Regardless. No other company can claim this compatibility if MS pulls this off.
At this point, tablets no longer become "toys" just for surfing the web and playing games and watching movies.
You will have a Phone and or Tablet that will act as a PC, running applications as a desktop. That alone makes me want a Windows Phone or Windows Tablet over the competition.

Get it done MS. You have my money.

urwifeminder2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Lol i dont even have a phone i didnt get credit for year and got cut off its great no random crap messages..