SoulCalibur V story mode “one fourth” of planned size, each character was to have own story

SoulCalibur V’s story mode was originally planned to be four times bigger than it actually is, but time restraints meant it needed to be cut back. That’s according to game director Daishi Odashima who was speaking to T2G News in a soon to be published interview.

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Godmars2902400d ago

Seriously, what if wrong with this console generation in that games are coming out "unfinished?"

soundslike2400d ago

This a rare exception where I say, who cares? Its a fighting game. Their focus should be on the characters, their balance, and online functionality. I'd gladly trade in MK9s awesome single player modes for a working online experience.

Ghost2502400d ago

your not lying MK9s online is trash, one of the worst netcodes i've ever come across

TheGameFoxJTV2400d ago

Well, Fighting games CAN do story modes well, check out the Blazblue series. They do story really well.

Dark_Overlord2400d ago

Its so Namco can sell it as DLC

Kos-Mos2400d ago

Release the game fast and make it noob-friendly=$.

GillHarrison2400d ago

The whole game should have had cutscenes. Those cheap ass drawings really detracted from the quality of story mode.

ZeroWil2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

While I enjoyed this game very much, it felt very lacking compared to the others. I know the developer team had a mix of new and old faces, but this felt very barebones. Not too many alternate costumes, fewer modes (no time trial or survival?!), no character specific arcade mode, concept art/3D model viewing, etc.

It seems that only the guys at NetherRealm Studios are able to get fighting games right on the first try.

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