Mega Man creator says many Japanese teams lack a 'creative vision'

Industry legend Keiji Inafune has become a bit infamous for his harsh criticisms of the Japanese game business, and in Gamasutra's latest feature interview, the Capcom veteran and Mega Man creator explained that many Japanese companies suffer because they don’t operate under a single "creative vision."

"A lot of companies, if you look at them today, they'll be like, 'Oh, Okay. How do we monetize? Where's the money to be made? What are we giving the consumers that they want?' They don't really have a creative vision for what to build a game around," he said.

At his own studios, Comcept and Intercept, Inafune hopes to avoid this problem by establishing a clear creative goal for his teams, which will help ensure that all development efforts go towards realizing that vision.

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ritsuka6662449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

It’s embarrassing for nihon country, it feels Japanese games are just memories. It’s rare that we see anything new in this gen..

oldfriend862449d ago

I'm with Inafune all the way, I'm just worried that he's all talk and not enough substance for his future games. I guess we'll see if he has something to offer for E3 this year.

R1CAN6172449d ago

Gives us mega Man's Legend 3 then ill listen

Venox20082449d ago

he wants to make it, but Capcom don't

wenaldy2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Yes, Ive already heard that.. Now gimme next installment of Mega Man or just shit the hell up.

BuffMordecai2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

That was Capcom's decision to cancel Mega Man, not his dumbass.

RockmanII72449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

You do realize that Capcom owns Megaman and he doesn't work for Capcom anymore.

Edit - Didn't realize Valvatorez beat me to the punch.

Vita3DS2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

@ Above Capcom own MegaMan and Inafune doesn't work for them anymore.So he can't touch MegaMan ever again.You're gonna have to ask Capcom.Better off not bothering because Capcom hates MegaMan.

M83_2449d ago

Oh god Capcom own megaman now...

maniacmayhem2449d ago

They have always owned Megaman.

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The story is too old to be commented.