After Pricing Dragon’s Dogma 2 $70, Capcom Is Now Considering a Video Game Price Review

The only way is up.

Kaii148d ago

It best be hitting 8+ review scores and hitting 60fps on current-gen titles to ask for that pricetag.

Cacabunga147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

8+ reviews? Why?
Aren’t you a gamer with sufficient experience and sense to feel off a game is good just from gameplay sequences??
Relying on reviews is for amateurs who don’t know what they’re up to..

A game like days gone or The Order bombed at release but they’re still 2 of the most acclaimed games of last gen. I never check reviews. Seeing a gameplay video is enough for me to judge a game

shinoff2183147d ago

Cacabunga, while I agree and do the same thing, usually can just tell if I'll like it. Some games if I'm on the fence about I might take a chance depending on my pocket.

Anyway just let it go. It's the world now

Psychonaut85146d ago

Ummm I enjoyed The Order, but one of the most acclaimed games last gen? That’s a stretch.

Toecutter00147d ago

I believe one of the reasons Helldivers 2 is such a hit is the price tag. Other companies might want to pay attention. It's also a lot easier to expand your audience with a palatable price tag that will make it an easier sell for newcomers to give it a try.

Tapani147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Helldivers 2 business model is entirely different.

They will sell microtransactions, DLC and what not on the side where eventually most of the revenue will come. Sure, they will release large updates for free initially and add stuff to create the critical mass and with it the critical revenue to fund the development of the new stuff which they will sell.

Dragon's Dogma 2 is a complete game from beginning till end and has much higher quality set pieces, and will only have a Director's Cut or an expansion sold separately, and very little microtransactions. The bulk of the revenue will come from the main game, and even less from the possible Expansion.

1nsomniac147d ago

They tried to be the good guys. But when everyone else is gauging the prices up and getting away with it, they were always going to follow suit in the end. This is always what happens when people don’t stand up for themselves. You would think we’d understand this by now. Not in just the gaming industry but in every industry.

shinoff2183147d ago

I still can't believe game prices going up is bothering people it's been 25 years give or take. Let it go. It was inevitable. Everything in life has went up in the last 4 5 years. Don't buy it day one if it upsets you. You can do that. Unfortunately you can't with necessities, food , gas, electric. They got you by the balls on those

jznrpg147d ago

The old game was worth 70$ I played it a ton

anast147d ago

I think the same. And Same here.

RhinoGamer88147d ago

I will buy at this price point, AFTER the reviews. Frankly, the smart play is to buy it 2-3 months after release. You get the price discount AND the patch updates before playing. I only play my games once, so I want the best experience.

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TheNamelessOne14h ago

It's more than time. I could use a good, new horror shooter.

1nsomniac11m ago(Edited 11m ago)

I’d love another Quake, maybe even a more horror slanted Doom.

I’d be very happy with a new IP though.


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OtterX2d ago

I wish they would have resurrected and used the Nintendo Power name. I had almost every issue starting from around Mario 3 forward, and at one time had Nintendo Power foldout posters as an upper border on the wall, circling my entire room.

PRIMORDUS1d 18h ago (Edited 1d 18h ago )

I also have well, every issue of Nintendo Power and also some Fun Club Issues before it transformed into Nintendo Power. They are all stacked in a plastic tote lol. Most have probably turned yellow by now. If you would like the whole collection as a torrent there is one here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Da... Torrent magnet link.

OtterX1d 18h ago

Sweet, thx!