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Journey wasn’t made or conceptualized by Pablo Picasso or directed by Jean-Luc Godard, neither has it won any noble piece prizes. It wasn’t written by F. Scott Fitzgerald nor was it featured in the Smithsonian, but this game made me feel as much emotion and as much awe and wonderment, if not more, than all of these great literary masters and artists.

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Spenok2522d ago

I just bought, played, and beat this game in a total of about 3 hours. But it was absolutely worth the experience. It has such a beautiful change of scenery and pace. And the music. Wow. To anyone on the fence about this game, i urge you to play it. It was excellent.

Dualshockers_Carlos2522d ago

yea about 3 hours but i never once tried to rush through it. its beautiful