The Decline of True Single-Player Character-Driven Stories

KeenGamer: "The last few years have seen single-player character-driven story experiences gradually falling out of the spotlight, but for a few notable exceptions. Instead, we’re seeing a big push towards online play and indie games with silent protagonists. Let's look at why."

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masterfox35d ago

Here we go again, this is no issue for Playstation , but the competition Nintendo , MS and third party so yes they are lacking, Sony keeps helping to create new single player experiences story driven games, for example Returnal, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon, Death Stranding, new story for Rachet and Clank, or later Kena will be releases as well, or how about Abandoned a totally new IP SP, Forspoken is in the Horizon and these are just to mention a few, now lets look Nintendo, more Marios, more Zelda, more pokemons, and a cheap looking Metroid game and literally thats it, not mention others cause those are most probably cheap looking games, MS is lacking as well, last E3 was more about online games, seriously dont remember anything memorable to say about them lol sorry. Third party are more focus in onlines game monetization, pretty sad imo and reason why I really dont care about them.

Lightning Mr Bubbles35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yeah, I don't see them declining at all, I don't know what the hell this article is talking about. You can make a list of single player story driven games and the list will be in the hundreds if not thousands. Playstation has a lot of great franchises like that and recently XBOX at E3 showed they're stepping up their game as well. As far as the silent protagonist, well that's really just Nintendo's weird way.

Sonic-and-Crash35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

this guy sees SGF and Xbox E3 ...sees a lot of MP games ....decides that SP are in decline journalism at its best ....smh

TheKingKratos35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Horizon and god of war sequel are coming soon

The game that is the most awarded game in history just came out last year .. The last of us part 2

And the article say single player games are in decline ??

If you are talking about other companies other than Sony .. I might agree

SenorFartCushion35d ago


They’re still declining lol

Name three from each major studio

BehindTheRows34d ago


Not that your arbitrary way of doing this matters at all, but I’ll entertain the nonsense…

Sony: Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, The Last Of Us - all getting sequels on PS5 with many more coming this gen

Microsoft: Hellblade. The lack on this side is a sign of decline. Microsoft simply must step their game up here.

Nintendo: Well, this isn’t an area they’ve ever really dominated or had a major presence in. Nothing has changed.

Ultimately, with Sony, the list can go in and on and there’s certainly no decline on their end. Microsoft is likely to improve as the gen progresses, thus it is an increase. Better question would be to show me how things are declining in this genre when more and more of these kinds of games are being created, regardless of the company who’s pushing the most.

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neutralgamer199235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

You know how wrong this journalist really is and I am not going to give him any clicks that even EA CEO Andrew Wilson said EA will make single player games. Now that's the same company that said SP games aren't successful

And even Phil the 🐐 s/ Spencer spoken negatively about SP games and now Ms themselves are focused in SP games. Sony and Nintendo never stopped making SP games that's why playstation and Nintendo rank way way ahead of Xbox when it comes to market share/mindset/revenue

God of war
The last of us
The last of us 2
Infamous second son
Gears 4
Gears 5
Sunset overdrive
Ratchet and clank remake
Ratchet and clank rift apart
Demon souls
Spiderman MM
Crash bandicoot
Zelda breath of the wild
Witcher 3
Fallout 4
Uncharted 4
Persona 5
Persona 5 royal
Persona 5 striker
Monster hunter
Nier remake
Resident evil 2
Resident evil 3
Resident evil 7
Resident evil 8
Dark souls
Fist of the north star
Death stranding
Dying light
Super Mario Odyssey
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Assassin's Creed origins
Animal crossing
Tomb raider
Rise of the tomb raider
Shadow of the tomb raider
Devil may cry 5

This isn't even a full list of all the games from last and current generation. I'm just taking a guess but combined all of these games generated revenue north of 15 to 20 billion

Welcome to add more games

Bennibop34d ago

You forgot Jedi fallen order

TheGreatGazoo3035d ago

It's no issue for any system. There are tons of Single Player story games on every platform.

outsider162434d ago

"look at Nintendo, more Marios, more Zelda, more pokemons,"

Man...i stopped following Nintendo years ago. How many versions are there now of each?

neutralgamer199234d ago

I stopped buying their consoles long time ago but they usually do innovate in between each entry so it's not the same game again and again

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Christopher35d ago

Are we serious?

Previously: Miles Morales, Control, Sekiro, Death Stranding, The Outer Worlds, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Fire Emblem, Disco Elysium, Kingdom Hearts 3, Metro Exodus, Days Gone, TLoUP2, Ghost of Tshushima, A Plague Tale, Innocence, Cyberpunk, FFVII Remake, AC Valhalla, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Nioh 2, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Maneater, and on and on.

Coming up: Kana: Bridge of Spirits, Life is Strange: True Colors, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, Tales of Arise, Horizon Forbidden West, Far Cry 6, Dying Light 2, God of War: Ragnarok, Psychonauts 2, No More Heroes 3, Shin Megami Tensei V, Avowed, etc.

ApocalypseShadow35d ago

Total nonsense. Not too keen keen gamer. I'd provide a list but others have already provided it.

As someone who doesn't pay/play online, that would mean I have nothing to buy and play for story driven games. Yeah. I'm just twiddling my thumbs with the DS4 looking at the GUI free themes and dreaming up adventurers. And in VR, I'm just staring into space in 180 degrees.

isarai35d ago

Uh...yeah sure bud *goes back to playing Ys and ratchet & clank"

35d ago
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