So, The Secret World looks kinda cool

The Secret World has been in development for what seems like forever.

Created by Funcom, the studio behind Age of Conan and Anarchy Online, The Secret World hopes to bring something different to the MMO space. Instead of providing players with pre-determined classes, The Secret World offers a far more customisable free-form speciality system with more than 5000 weapons and abilities.

It was announced last year that more than 750,000 people had signed up for the ongoing beta, and who knows, a different style of MMO might give WOW a run for its money.

A lot has been announced — from the names of the “Secret Societies” (teams), to locations and narrative, most of which looks revolutionary, and can be checked out at

The Secret World will be released for PC on June 19, and for Xbox 360 sometime after.

Written by Yiannis Pelekanos at theBitFix.

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