Battlefield 3 on GTX 680 Dual SLI Configuration, Mesmerizing Gameplay on Triple Monitors

Techtorial: You know what's better than Battlefield 3 running on GTX 680? A dual-SLI setup previewed on three 'multi-synced' monitors. Certified fresh for all BF3 fans.

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gypsygib2519d ago

That's cool and all but it kind of defeats the purpose when the video quality low.

chidesd2519d ago

yeah video doesnt rally do these gfx cards justice other then sowing how stable the framerate is

pucpop2519d ago

i still prefer one huge hdtv over 3 monitors, sli 680 is where its at

Red_eyes_Gremlin2519d ago

I prefer my 28 inch led screen infront of this.


The only thing that i dont like is the "black borders" that is made when puting 3 screens together , it take out the "widescreen" feeling imo.

Hellsvacancy2519d ago

I dont like it either, it would annoy the hell out of me

MurDocINC2519d ago

Local PC store has a widescreen monitor that's like 3 monitors but there's no borders just one piece. Can't remember the name of it but yea makes a huge difference without the borders.

ginsunuva2519d ago

Yeah they have borderless ones. It's just one large long monitor bent into 3 segments.

Si-Fly2519d ago

The only thing I "don't see" when actually gaming on my triple screen is the bezels, you're too focused on the action on screen to notice it!

I can't play iracing or rfactor without triples now although in games like bf3 or skyrim I don't think it has anywhere much as use.

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Faelan2519d ago

It looks too distorted. I fear it would either make me sick or give me a headache... and if not, those black borders would drive me crazy.

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