Why you should be playing Draw Something

Even though Zynga just bought up OMGPOP for $200 million dollars, the incredibly fun and awesome social game could be right up your alley and the guys from Sticky Trigger Entertainment are here to tell you why.

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TopDudeMan2523d ago

I drew a picture of ken doing a shoryuken and pointed at his arm at depict the word "Uppercut" for my bro. He got it in one guess.

BiggCMan2523d ago

That's pretty sweet, i'm not patient enough to do that haha. Only issue with this game is that some idiots don't even try, and just write down the actual word for you, ruins the fun.

TopDudeMan2523d ago

Haha, yeah. But the game gets so much better when you unlock the colours green and brown. And sometimes you can play the game and describe the word using inside jokes etc etc, so I think it's fun. I check out the app on my lunch break at college every day and play all my moves and usually by the next day, everyone has gotten back to me. I think it's pretty fun.

SilentNegotiator2523d ago

"Even though Zynga just bought up OMGPOP for $200 million dollars"

Wow, a privately owned company, too. Imagine if you were offered $200 million for your business. I would mess my pants. My business would have to make more than $50 million a year for me to even think twice about taking that offer.

TopDudeMan2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Yeah, with that much money, you're made for life.

Smashbro292523d ago

Why you should get off Facebook and play a better game.

Zechs342523d ago

Maybe he's at work and doesn't bring his entertainment system with him everywhere. Or maybe he's dropping the kids off at the pool and likes to play on his phone for a few... Thats what I do!

Smashbro292523d ago

If you're at work or with your kids shouldn't you be working or taking care of your kid?