Far Cry 2 confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3

Rumours of console versions of Ubisoft's upcoming Far Cry sequel have been doing the rounds almost since the game was first announced for PC, and today the France-based publisher has confirmed that Far Cry 2 is on the way to Xbox 360 and PS3.

In development at Ubisoft Montreal, Far Cry 2 is a next generation first-person shooter which hopes to immerse the player in an entirely new kind of gameplay experience. The game utilises a custom-made engine which has been built from the ground up, making it possible to deliver real open-world gameplay.

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MK_Red4031d ago

Seriously great find. I was really hoping for this game to come for consoles since I'd never have the kind of money to make a super computer to run demanding PC games.

kingofps34031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I was very much hoping for this game to come onto the PS3 as well. I do have a super computer though, a PLAYSTATION 3.

renegade4031d ago

I getting this for my ps3 i cant wait

Shankle4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

What a fantastic day for all of us!!! This is brilliant news!!

God I hope the graphics are as good as on the PC

MK_Red4031d ago

lol at group disagree.
Looks like someone is really pissed that Far Cry 2 is coming to consoles.

HarryEtTubMan4031d ago

Just another good game to add to my growing PS3 list. I lOve my PS3.

Fresh4030d ago

I really enjoyed Far Cry on the original Xbox,I can't wait to pick up Far Cry 2 for my PS3 also:)

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Blademask4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Which is pretty much COD4. While COD4 was impressive, it isn't a powerful engine that Farcy yeilds, and there is minimal dynamics.

The PS3 has stepped up with Uncharted. The best looking console game to date, Load Free game, huge worlds. The 360 cant even match the streaming aspect of that one. And even that isn't close to Farcry/Crysis sheer scale. I wouldn't even put Bioshock in the same category as Farcry/Crysis either. This will be a completely sad crippled version of its PC counterpart. Just like Farcry on the Xbox.

And the PS3 gets to suffer. I'm sorry, but its true. The 360 has nothing in terms of advanced graphics. The only thing that is touted is GEARS OF WAR. Its great, but its the OLD UNREAL ENGINE. I mean UT3 already trumped it, and even that looks like ass in comparison to Crysis/Uncharted. I really want to see a PC/PS3 only title. Not for Farcry, but for some other game. The power of the ps3 was only nudged, and out came Uncharted. Lets see what happens if someone actually pushes it.

If you guys PS3/360 owners think this one is going to look anything like the PC version, you are sadly mistaken. There would be a chance for the PS3/PC.. But definitely not the PS3/PC/360. I'm not saying the hardware is limited on the 360, but hey. No one has done it so far..

Daz4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

There always one that makes the fread go down hill. Mr know it all haha lol.

Blademask4031d ago

Do you really think that Farcry 2, will have just a few differences than the PC? Like foliage,destructible everything... on par lighting.. animations etc..

There is not point of playing farcry, without the major element that made it amazing. That element WAS the graphics.

Shankle4031d ago

What's wrong with you?! You've seen how it looks already on the PC, right? They'll be porting the the 360 and PS3 separately, and will be optimized to each console. No platform will limit another. What a cheap way to take a dig at the 360.
Anyway, it's not just the technically impressive graphics that make this game impressive. It's the core gameplay aspects. An open world FPS. Advanced AI. Realistically destructible environments. Realistic damage and healing. This game is impressive on every level, and it will be almost, if not just as impressive on consoles as on the PC.

mistertwoturbo4031d ago

Actually I played FarCry I.P. on the 360 and yeah, the game had nothing but low-res textures left and right. But it is a old game. You never know, maybe they can push the graphics of the 360/PS3 with this game?

ThaGeNeCySt4031d ago

Feel the pain us xbox owners had to suffer last generation

*rolls eyes*

Blademask4031d ago

But even that will be a huge stretch. I personally LOVE the farcry/crysis Ip's. Its hard to play the games because your jaw is on the floor the entire time.

People may not like me saying the truth about the 360, but until a title shows up that proves to the game community that it can handle a system staggering engine like Uncharted. I'm sticking to that point. Even as impressive as Uncharted is, it pails in comparison to what we have seen of Farcry, and definitely Crysis.

For both consoles its a total wash. I really hope that they don't dumb down the PC version of this game to match what the 360 can do. Just so it 'looks' the same.

Marceles4031d ago

...he's not saying the game is gonna suck, just like the 360 ports of the same games on PC didn't suck. He's saying the game will probably be good, but don't expect them to stand up to the PC version in graphics comparisons. As far as him blaming the reason on the 360 is always debatable...

WilliamRLBaker4031d ago

I've never seen such a stupid, and not only that so many contradictory sttatements in the same damn post.

""OLD UNREAL ENGINE"" thats stupid. I guess gears of war ins't using UE3 which is basically what UT3 is oh and it surpassed it? i've seen and played UT3 it looks no better then Gears of war, IT IS gears of war for all intents and purposes.

You then end your moronic post with Oh my not saying the 360 is limited....yes you JUST SAID it you basically said the ps3 is more powerful then the 360 and the game will be limited by the 360.

RRoDx3604031d ago Show
Blademask4031d ago

""OLD UNREAL ENGINE"" thats stupid. I guess gears of war ins't using UE3 which is basically what UT3 is oh and it surpassed it? i've seen and played UT3 it looks no better then Gears of war, IT IS gears of war for all intents and purposes."

----The first thing wrong with your argument, is that you are assuming Epic hasn't upgraded the Unreal Engine since the release of Gears of War. A simple journey to the epic forums would dispel that idea you have in your head. There have been SEVERE updates to the engine since then. I am glad you think UT3 doesn't look better than Gears. But Epic/Mark Reign have already made public statements saying it looks better than Gears. And that they are very happy with their accomplishment. I think they hold a bit more weight with the developments of the engine and advancements than you do. It cant help but to look better. Its a more advanced game. Do you really think Epic spent all their time just adding new models to an old unreal engine?

"You then end your moronic post with Oh my not saying the 360 is limited....yes you JUST SAID it you basically said the ps3 is more powerful then the 360 and the game will be limited by the 360."

--- As far as what has been shown in the past to the present, the 360 hasn't been able to achieve the graphical levels of the PS3. It might not be a hardware problem. But no developers have stepped up to the table in that department to show that the 360 still has graphical legs that can hang with the PS3.

InMyOpinion4031d ago

How come it did not win any GOTY awards? No graphics awards. No nothing.

It must be that everyones biased against the PS3, right? Or could it be that it just isn't that good?

Hmmm. Who should I trust? All major gaming sites...or Blademask? Hard choice indeed.

Let's just wait and see how the game turns out. I wonder which console will get it first? ;) I smell timed exclusive.

Statix4031d ago

What about games like Oblivion, Just Cause 1+2, Assassin's Creed, GTAIV etc.? All these are 360, and all these have huge game worlds, some bigger than Crysis or FC2 even. Explain?

Marceles4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Games usually sacrifice huge worlds for graphics or vice versa. You'll notice that with games looking like Crysis, nothing will be going on in the world and you'll maybe see up to 8 guys on screen at once, and with games like GTA4 you won't see Crysis graphics but you'll see alot going on in the background. That's a good way to make your system crash is if a game looked like Crysis and ran a world as big as GTA4 + action sequences with pinpoint physics...your system will have a heart attack. Think of a game with Crysis's graphics on very high, but with as many enemies on screen as the first and last level of Heavenly Sword, with explosions, physics, etc...can't think of it can you? :)

Sevir044031d ago

Reported as Spam. please keep you inner fanboi out of this post and please dont speak like that over here some people would rather game that listen than read that atrocity you call a sentence. if what william says bothers you just ignore him like i do. for that disgusting comment and bringing nothing but added unwanted spam to yet again another positive thread for both consoles i'm reporting you.

Lex Luthor4031d ago

Blademask, don't forget to wipe the sh!te off your chin after having verbal diarrhoea.

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THC CELL4031d ago

great news i hope we get map edit again

MK_Red4031d ago

Now it will be a matter of time before EA announce some kind of console version for Crysis.
FarCry 2 for PS3/360, StarCraft 2 for 360, Fallout 3 for PS3/360, Spore for Wii. Is there any huge PC left besides Crysis and WoW?

mistertwoturbo4031d ago

Starcraft II

Which would fit the PS3 considering the PS3 has mouse and keyboard support.

Although more than likely it will go to the 360 if it was to go to a console because of the bigger install base.

Polluted4031d ago

@Mk_Red: Oh we'll get Crysis. Probably sometime next year. Looks like WoW is staying PC exclusive, though. Personally I could do without it. I spend way to much time gaming anyway (over 120 hours on Oblivion so far). I can just imagine of I got into the curse that is WoW.

@mistertwoturbo: I think I saw a story yesterday saying that Starcraft 2 was going to the 360. Presumably if that were the case they'd do the PS3 as well. I seem to remember Starcraft 1 made a less than stellar appearance on the N64 or something so don't be surprised if the sequel makes it to consoles.

pwnsause4031d ago

ouch, I guess no one plays PC games anymore except for WoW. Sorry PC, but there will be a time for you, when I make 2000 dollars and see what Dx10 can really pull off.