PlayStation game endings we’d love to change

In the spirit of Mass Effect 3's unpopular ending, Official PlayStation Magazine UK present some other gaming finales that need fixing.

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Ace_Pheonix2424d ago

pshh... Eff this article. MGS2 had a great ending. This guy just doesn't have the mental capacity or patience to truly appreciate it.

Baka-akaB2424d ago

Yeah the only issue with the mgs2 ending was the stuff Kojima had to cut and change because of the terrorist strikes

MysticStrummer2424d ago

*sigh* The title should be "Other Game Endings We'd Love to Change", and on top of that I disagree with their selections. The problem with MGS2 was Raiden, not the ending, and the cliffhanger ending to R&C: ToD was outstanding.