GamerFront Review – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

GamerFront writes: On the surface, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City plays out as a Resident Evil-themed SOCOM game. However, when you take the time to play it, the game becomes interesting and fun. I enjoyed the single-player campaign, and multiplayer was a nice treat. Though the game had some hiccups and minor issues, they didn’t make me want to stop playing. I got through the entire game, and plan to make another run using a different character to see how the story comes together. I can’t say to go out and grab the game right now at its full price, but once it drops to around $30, I’d say it’s worth buying. As a Resident Evil fan, I think Slant Six made a game that’s fun to play, but it’s by no means a game that will turn the series.

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Not sure why they think hunting for bullets all the time makes great fun..