C-S: Sine Mora Review Says "Grasshopper Manufacture and, Digital Reality have took a new approach and brought a bit of fresh air to the Shmup (Shoot Em Up) genre. Sine Mora, available as of March 21st on Xbox Live Arcade is ready to be downloaded to your Xbox 360 console today for only 1200msp ($15 USD), so continue to read on to see why we think you should pick it up.

The main thing that set’s Sine Mora aside from other side scrolling shooter games is that you aren’t poised with an annoying 1 bullet 1 kill game motto, nor is there a health bar. Sine Mora simply relies on a clock type game play similar to what you see in some racing games. You will lose seconds as you are hit by bullet’s, and seconds are added as you destroy your enemies. "

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