Why Child's Play Stopped Taking Donations From Retake Mass Effect

Earlier today, however, the retake Mass Effect capped their donations at $80,000, and the Chip In site for Retake Mass Effect stop working. There’s a lot of conspiracy theory floating around forums – that Child’s Play was bullied into submission by hate mail from Mass Effect 3 supporters, that the evil empire of EA forced them to cut ties, etc.

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Agent_hitman2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Donating a large sum of money just to change the ending of this game is very stupid, utterly ridiculous and insane!. Whoever doing this is a certified idiot and immature.

This is just a game, not a big deal to waste a lot of money. Damn!

pr0digyZA2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

It was all for charity though.Its not like Bioware received the money.

jony_dols2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Yes, donating money to sick children in need 'is very stupid, utterly ridiculous and insane!. Whoever doing this is a certified idiot and immature.'


Highlife2401d ago

especially with the economy the way it is. Donations to charities are down. These places need the money. My son has autism and if they were donating to Autism Speaks I wouldn't care. It can only help.

militant072401d ago Show
REALgamer2401d ago

I agree with Child's Play's decision.

People should donate because they wish to support the Child's Play charity, not because of anger over something completely unrelated (they didn't like a game's ending).

It feels a bit like the 'Retake Mass Effect' group leaders were using Child's Play as a way to make their cause look better.

jsslifelike2401d ago

Agreed. Using Child's Play as an excuse to be a dick is still, well, being a dick. Maybe even more so.

jony_dols2401d ago

I'm sure the kids in need don't give a shit about the politics surrounding it. Do you think other non-profits complain when Governments increase their funding to them?

At the end of the day the money has gone to a very good cause. And sick children benefit.

Mythicninja2401d ago

Clearly child's play went with the paragon decision here. Renegade decision would have said money for charity is money for charity......then shot someone in the head

KimoNoir2401d ago

Money is money...whether this is really a stupid reason to donate or a good reason, the program recieved 80k. Just percieve it from their perspective and its like... Who cares? We got 80k from people who are pissed about a game!

thechad22401d ago

I could get my 20 dollars back that i donated but i feel that to help a kid in need regardless of if it sends a message to those liars at bioware, its still a good thing and im glad i did it. If you disagree with what Retake mass effect did ask yourself this... Do i ever donate money or even spend time trying to help other people out. if not then your argument that im an idiot for donating money to this cause is invalid. BAM